Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freezer Cooking Adventures: Part 3

Ok, I'm "done" (though I am toying with the idea of doing a mega batch of chocolate chip cookies tomorrow.... And I still need to do the Puerto Rican Beans tomorrow.) I have everything in the freezer and the kitchen is almost completely back to normal (it actually really bothered me to have the kitchen a mess...what has Flylady done to me?!).
Here's a picture of everything that I did (except for what we've already eaten).

Here it is in the freezer (It fits surprisingly well! Tomorrow's dinner was in a casserole dish, though, so I put it in the fridge to save freezer space).

Some of you asked about our freezer situation. We have an extra freezer downstairs, which has some extra bread, juice, peaches, ice cream, and HH's boxed meals. I'm not sure what is on the top shelf, actually, because it's almost completely frosted up. one of these days.... Anyhow, it's a standup freezer. There is also a chest freezer down there, but we unplugged it (it's old, I'm sure it uses a ton of electricity).

Most of what I made in the past week is in the upstairs fridge freezer, though. Most of it went into freezer bags and could be stacked up.

The exciting news is that I won one of the prizes from Once a Month Mom's Cookoff! I won a OAMM apron, and a 2-knife Cutco set! Yay!

Ok, and here's a review of some of the food we've eaten thus far:

  • We've tried all of the muffins & I don't care for the stuffed pancake ones, but the other two kinds are great.
  • I didn't like the meatballs/meatloaf, but no one else complained. I'm going to stick with my family recipe next time.
  • The beef enchiladas were quite tasty & everyone ate them well. They aren't healthy, though.
  • Today I made baked potatoes and used some of my extra cooked chicken mixed with bbq sauce as a topping. Quite yummy!
  • The butterhorn rolls are delicious...we had them with Artichoke Chicken Casserole last night. As for the casserole, lets just say that next time I'll make it all for me, and we'll all be happy. Everyone liked the rolls.
  • HH said the burritos were a little dry, but he might have gotten one of the last ones I did--the ones that sat for several days waiting for more tortillas to appear (my homemade ones didn't turn out...that's what I get for actually following a recipe for them!) He said that the burritos tasted good, though...they just needed more cheese or something.
  • And today I made the Baked Veggie Wontons, which are YUM-MY. I ate 4...you know, for quality control purposes. Anyhow, I don't know how they'll be after freezing, because they aren't from a recipe meant for that.

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