Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Fun

Happy Spring! We had a really wonderful first day of spring. We started out the day with a breakfast/devotional/egg hunt at church. Sadly, I didn't realize that my camera didn't have the memory card in it until we were there. It was fun, though.

Next we worked in the yard. I might have mentioned before that we've had 2 little boys (who haven't the etiquette yet to not tell the blatant truth), on 2 separate occasions, tell us that our back yard looks like a junk yard. Don't I know it. It still does, though it's better than it was. Anyhow, we were out there for a couple of hours and made some good progress--I cleared out yard debris, and HH worked on weeds, piling up some wood, and cutting up the old (huge) antennae to put in the garbage. The girls worked on picking dandelions, playing with the wagon, jumping on the mini-tramp, raking (Chick), and getting filthy (Monkey). Then Monkey got a bath, and we all had lunch and a few minutes of rest before it was time to leave again.

After a quick stop to Fred Meyers, that didn't turn out to be quick in the least, we went to cousin K's first birthday party. It was lots of fun. I had my camera, but didn't think to take any pictures. This is the only one that I took: (blowing bubbles with cousin Ben)
I did take pictures of the market skirt that I made, though. It looks wide & short, which isn't what I was going for, since K is tall...I don't know how it will fit. I took measurements & supposedly the skirt should fit, but I don't believe it.

After the party we came home and spent some time in the front yard--I weeded the flower beds a bit, HH weeded in the lawn, and the girls played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. It was a really lovely day.

Today was church. Then Chick and HH went into the backyard for a while to enjoy the sunshine, while Monkey and I took little cat naps. Now the girls are dancing in their pettiskirts and it's time to eat dinner. So bye.


Jessica said...

Hi! I had to pop over and say hi when I saw your comment! Then I saw your Market Skirt (designed by my friend Dana) and I am amazed at how "famous" she is! My husband and I were in the singles ward with her for years in LA and I was her visiting teacher. It's amazing when I see her stuff on everybody's blogs nowadays!

Anyway, good luck with Sarah's contest! I am excited to see who will win!

Annalia Romero said...

I'm so glad you chose the market skirt - it turned out great!

No cantalope, but they do always have hazelnut (and pistatio). I need to go to Italy - more flavor options. Levinworth has a pretty decent Gelato place too.