Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who's a grumpy goose?

Me. I am. Oh, pick me, pick me.

I had a plan for today: 8 things on my "to do" list, and double the water today (8 glasses, 1 per hour). I decided the order that I'd do the 8 things, and they each had an hour. Some don't take an hour (pray...unfortunately. I bet I'd have a better day if I prayed for longer) and some take more than an hour (wash dishes...they're backed up again), but as I rule of thumb I gave them all an hour.

It started out ok...until about noon and that's when I got grumpy. Low blood sugar.

I started thinking things like "What does it matter anyhow?! I'm just going to sit on the couch for the rest of the day. I'm not going to walk to the store like I'd planned--HH wants me to anyhow, and I don't like him at all so I'm not going to do anything that he wants. In fact, when he gets home from galavanting (financial seminar) I'm going to just leave. I'm going to leave, DRIVE to the store, leave him with the kids, and maybe not come back. I could go to my parent's house, since they aren't home (ha ha, I wasn't serious, M&D...)."

So then I ate too much granola, which I'm totally addicted to, and thought about throwing out my menu for the day. Really, I don't want to bother with cooking broccoli when I can just keep eating granola (which, despite having made 20 bars + crumbs, is almost completely GONE). Don't worry...I'm sticking to it.

Grrrr. Then, I though, "Maybe if I get up and take pictures of my kids (who are supposed to be napping) then I'll realize how fortunate I am & it'll make me happier."

It didn't work. It started out well...Babe had woken up and rolled over. She started rolling over earlier this week. She tries to crawl & rolls instead. (cute dress thanks to Nikko!)

Things went south when I went to check on Chick. She'd climbed into the crib...again. I don't know how to keep her out of it. I tried giving her "time outs" in it, I told her no, I filled it up with stuff, I emptied it out completely.... And still she climbs.

Anyhow, she'd also pulled her hair out, so it's not all cute in the picture, but at least she was still in the outfit that I had picked out for her. Look at her, smiling like she's not doing something taboo.

She's skipping naps, too, and I'm distraught about it. I NEED naptime! She'll be in her room (pulling clothes out of her drawers, most likely) for 2 hours, and not sleep. Then she's grumpy for the rest of the day. She's too young to not take naps!

Augh, my life is so hard. And now I'm behind--so I might not mop the floor, cut out the dresses, or sew the bathroom curtains.

But all this ranting makes me want to take a walk, so I guess I'll walk to the store after all. ciao.


nikko said...

My little P has stopped taking naps about 60% of the time, too. It's aggravating to put them both down and then 20 minutes later hear "Is naptime over yet, mommy?" ARGH!

Can you put one of those nets over the crib? Would that deter her? Maybe she needs her own room?

I'm glad you got the clothes and they fit. Some were just too cute and I couldn't hardly part with them. But, the chances of me needing girl clothes are slim to none. ;o)

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

You and I are seriously cut from the same cloth. I can relate to you completely. I hate it when I don't get my "to do" list done! And I love when my kids take naps!