Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2nd Annual Chick Day

Our little Chick is 2!

It's hard to believe that that much time has passed...but it's even harder to believe that we even existed without her around. She is such a sweet little thing! Definitely a toddler...strong willed and independent, loving and smart.

This weekend we celebrated her birthday. Here are some pictures...

I made her a purple Kitty cake. She loved it : )
Chick liked all of her presents, though by that point she'd missed her usual nap time and was getting tired.
Luckily she had cousins to help her play with her new blocks, and Grandpas to enjoy one of her new books!

Since Chick is a book lover, she got 3 new books. We've read them all, but this one is her favorite. Tonight we read it 4 times, which is actually ok with me because it has such cute text.

My favorite lines are:
"Billy is daddy; he works in the city.
He has a new car, isn't it pretty?"

The last lines are:
"We mommies have such a lot to do.
Good night, dollies, I'm sleepy too."

So true. Good night.

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nikko said...

Happy Birthday, Chick!