Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Potty Day!

We had a great potty day today!

Chick started using the potty at 5 months. She did pretty well until 11 months, when we moved. After that it was hit or miss. At 18 months she suddenly started going in the potty almost all the time. Unfortunately 2 months later she didn't want ANYTHING to do with the potty. We'd occasionally coax her into going, but that was all.

Last week HH complained about using too many diapers. Neither of us like paying for diapers to begin with, but we also don't like filling the landfills with them. Especially when there are so many other options. So I decided to nix the disposables this week. Chick was going to be in panties & cloth diapers. Babe would be cloth diapered completely.

Anyhow, Chick has done GREAT with going potty this week! Some days are better than others, but she's only had a couple (1-3) of accidents each day. Her sticker chart is almost all filled up (I'll post pictures tomorrow of the stuff she's done from sticker rewards).

Babe has gone potty a handful of times in her life--generally just when I'm changing her diaper & think to hold her over the sink and she happens to have to go at the same time. I hadn't made any real effort. Until today. I put a cloth diaper on her in the morning, and a couple of hours later she was wet. After that wet diaper I put her in a cloth diaper that doesn't use a cover (so that I would know more quickly when she was wet) & she went potty in the potty seat all the rest of the day with no misses! Anyhow, it was really exciting to have such a successful first day of really trying to EC with Babe!

By the way, the potties pictured are the ones that they use. Babe's has a fleece cover on it that I made, so that it's not so cold on her little bum. Chick uses both, because she thinks its fun and devious to use "Babe's potty"...I don't care at all, of course, but whatever gets her to go!

{If you have any info on using wool soakers at night, please leave me a comment! I was thinking of making a couple from recycled thrift store sweaters.... We all sleep through the night, so no midnight changes & the girls get rashy from that long in cloth diapers. I had to bend my own rules and use disposables some nights}


Annalia Romero said...

Diaper-free parenting. Sounds cool, but it also sounds very time consuming. Kudos!

Paige said...

No no no. If it was time consuming I wouldn't do it...I am training my kids to be low maintenance because I am a lazy mom. Diaper-free takes no more time than changing diapers.

And it's more fun, really--Babe eats for a while and then fusses. Rather than getting frustrated that she's not eating, or trying to get her to stop fussing, all I have to do is put her on the potty! She goes and then is happy again.

Today is going as well for both girls as yesterday did. Babe's record is better than Chick's, but she does have more help. Chick is learning to fly solo & that means that she gets more slack.