Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank You Denny's

Thank you, Denny's, for the free breakfast that you offered America. It provided me with a fun outing with my girls. It also gave me a reason to get out and take a walk (rather than be lazy all day, which is what I had planned to do...but this was better).

I must say that we had a fabulous time. The place was packed, packed, PACKED, but I still only had a half hour wait to be seated! And then the service was so great. No one glared at me for bringing a jogging stroller into such a busy establishment, and everyone was so friendly!

And then! Once seated the service was so fast! I really couldn't believe it. Not fast enough that the food arrived before Chick spilled her water...but fast enough that the spill wasn't completely cleaned up before the food arrived (and not because it took a long time to clean it up--that too was done quickly!).

Chick and I enjoyed having a breakfast that was different from our usual "Oatmeal or cereal?" Chick, our resident social butterfly, loved having so many people around for breakfast too.

And lastly, that which I am most grateful to you for--the great sense of community that you fostered. People didn't always get their own tables, but got a chance to chat with their fellow neighbors. Everyone was excited and friendly. I'm NOT a very patriotic person, but the free breakfast at Denny's (of all things!) did give me a renewed sense of happiness in America.

So thank you Denny's.


nikko said...

We drove past the Dennys by us about noon and it was PACKED. Cars all over everywhere, lines spilling out into neighboring businesses. The fire marshal had to be called three times to manage the lines.

Needless to say we didn't stop.

Sounds like yours was a pleasant experience. :o)

Anonymous said...

We have a Bellingham Denny's manager in our Ward so I copied this and gave it to him. He said he is delighted to pass it on to a superior.