Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is a picture that cracks me up. HH had helped a crying Babe get to sleep, and they both fell asleep. That's normal, but check out his ear--he has an EARPLUG!

Living with Chick is something like living in a Opera. Lately she sings constantly. For instance, at breakfast the other day she took a sock off and put it on the floor. Then she sang "Sock on the floor, so-ock o-on the floo-oor, sock on floor..." (along with a lot more that wasn't actually words that I recognized...must have been a german opera).

Sometimes I think Babe should be renicknamed "Baby Toots-A-Lot" (BTAL for short). They are actually cute little toots, though, and aren't stinky : ) She really is a sweet little thing. She smiles at people a lot, is mild mannered, and likes to hold her back straight & head up so that she can look around a lot (we call her Bright Eyes).