Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby Bling

Ok, so when I last left off on our narrative, I was about to tell you about the ear piercing.

I put in a lot of thought and asking around before deciding on where to get the babies' ears pierced.  I heard conflicting opinions about what was best when it came to infant piercing, so I followed my Mom's advice and trusted my instincts.

Which led to needle piercing at Enemy Tattoo. 

DSCN6731 (640x480)

The piercer looks a little rough, but he was really nice.  He talked a lot about his own new baby.
I was very impressed with the sanitary procedures. 
The babies didn't like being held still, so they started crying even before being poked, and of course didn't like the actual piercing...but they calmed down quickly afterwards.

(It was a little nerve-wracking there...we'd taken the whole family, thinking that it'd be a fun Family Home Evening and that Monkey would get pierced too.  She backed out,  though, and after getting there we learned that they don't allow kids and were not happy to see ours.  Oops.  After a few stressful minutes in the waiting area they let the kids go back to a little break room that had cartoons.  Much better.)

I paid quite a bit more for the tattoo parlor piercings, rather than going to someplace at the mall ($150 vs as little as $30).  In my pre-piercing decision-making my Mom gave me two pieces of advice.  The first I've mentioned: just trust what I felt was the best choice.  The second was that it seems like such a trivial thing, but it will actually last them for their whole life (hopefully), so a little more money paid now is not going to matter for such a long-term result. 

And I really appreciated the knowledge of the piercer when I talked to him on the phone.  I preferred the idea of needle rather than piercing-gun, and I wanted to be careful of the type of metal.  All reasons pointing to Enemy Tattoo (I just like saying the parlor name...sounds so sinister!!)

I began to doubt my decision, though, when in the first day or two we woke up to see Owl's earring OUT of her ear and laying on the bedsheet.  I freaked out about it, but in the end I was able to just put it back in with no problems whatsoever.  Then later in that first week Otter lost a back to one of hers, and we couldn't find it.  The earring came out a couple of times since there was no back to keep it on, and I finally had to admit defeat and go to the mall, spend $50 more for a whole new pair of earrings.  However, the earrings are better for the long run, because her original ones were actually aqua colored, and I needed emerald.

Diamonds for Baby D,
Emeralds for Baby E.

Or, for those of you who follow the blog and don't know the girls in person:

Diamonds are a land gem, like OWL is a land animal.
Emerald water, for swimming OTTER.

Since then we haven't had any problems with either pair of earrings (never did find the missing back), and both babies seem pretty well healed up.

And I do not regret a penny of the money spent.  It truly is priceless to have people come pick up a baby, look at her earrings and say, "Well hello, ____(insert correct name here)___."  It makes me very happy.

Plus, though I've never been a baby earring fan, they do look incredibly cute, and dainty, and feminine.

This is actually the best picture that I have of both babies showing their earrings.  They were in their cute matchy-match Christmas dresses.  Sometimes twins are so much fun : )

DSCN6765 (640x480)


S.Ann said...

I lived through all of this drama. I am thrilled that I now know who is who...except in pictures. And I think that they look adorable with their earrings. BUT someday they will look at the Enemy Tatoo picture and think, what were our parents thinking??

Sarah said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of them with the piercer. So great.