Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monkey's 4-year Photoshoot Date

This weekend was Monkey's "birthday" photoshoot date.  I'm no professional photographer, but I love doing these photoshoot dates.
We went up to my parents' neck of the woods so that they could watch the other kids while Monkey and I were out.
The night before we left I was packing up what we would need (we were also spending the night at my sister's house afterwards, since Mr. Fox was going to be working on Saturday anyway). 
I had already picked out what she was going to wear when she asked me if she could show me her clothes.
"What clothes?"
"The clothes that I'm going to wear for my pictures."
"Oh, uh, I already picked some out for you, but show me what you had in mind."
So she happily came and picked out the outfit: a fishy Maui t-shirt with pink pants.
Not at all what I would pick.  ever.
So we made a deal that she could wear both outfits. 
She started out in her t-shirt and cords.
None of the pictures taken with that outfit were especially stellar...mostly because we were just getting warmed up (figuratively...not literally, it was quite cold out). 
But here's a picture to show the outfit:
DSCN6990 (427x640)
Quick wardrobe change and bathroom break at the local grocery (and second bathroom break, because she'd forgotten her CTR ring at the sink), and we got down to business.

DSCN7031 (480x640)
DSCN7036 (512x640)
3 (My favorite)
DSCN7040 (512x640)

DSCN7041 (640x512)
DSCN7049 (512x640)

DSCN7057 (512x640)
7  (This is when she said , "I don't want to take pictures anymore.  I'm cold.")
DSCN7063 (480x640)
8  (Monkey's serious favorite)

DSCN7064 (512x640)
9  (Monkey and Chick's favorite because they like goofy pictures.)
 Towards the end I had to make a deal: we'll start walking to the car, and I'll keep taking pictures as we go. Just turn around once in a while.
DSCN7075r (512x640)
DSCN7077 (509x640)

She was determined to have ice cream with sprinkles, despite being cold.  So we drove around the countryside for a while to warm up before tackling the ice cream.
Mint chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles.
She shivered the whole time.
DSCN7089 (480x640)
Love that sweet little Monkey.
All in all, a fun but cold date.
Then dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's, and over to Aunt Judy's to sleep.
I didn't get as much sleep as desired...two babies with colds and no husband.  I know there was a good three hour chunk of uninterrupted sleep in there somewhere, though.
The next day I got a big tote of grow-into clothes for the older girls from my sister, and went to a thrift store with my Mom and sister (and babies) to get supplies for an upcoming project.
Ok, time for a giveaway.  Leave a comment ON THIS POST telling me which picture is your favorite (and why, if you have a reason), and I will pick a winner at random next Monday.  The contest ends on Monday the 28th at noon.
The prize is your choice of a thrifted item (chosen with you in mind) or a homemade item of some sort.  Or a combo of both (a remade thrift item).  The winner can decide which option they'd want.


S.Ann said...

Fun pictures. My favorite is #3 with #8 as a second choice. Such a cutie.

Denise said...

#2. She just looks so... kiddy, and happy:)

Katie said...

I also really like #3. She just looks so sweet!

Annalia said...

I like the "I'm cold" picture...which probably says something mean about me. AMAZING that you're still getting stuff like this done.

nikko said...

I like #3 and #8. And I'm with Lia. How in the world are you doing this? I have been talking since AUGUST that I need to take my kids' pics. Humph...

Paige said...

Well, Nikko and Lia, first of all her birthday was two months ago, so it's not like I'm current. And secondly, having one on one time with one of my children every few months seems like something that I should be able to it is they each only get one date per year at this point (I do intend to increase the one-on-ones in the future). And my house is a mess, my projects are non-existent (or half done), my personal hygiene is out the window, etc etc. There are just a few things that I consider important enough to manage.

Tamara said...

I love her grin in #2, but I think that #3 is my favorite. She's adorable!

Bridget said...

6 and 11...big city small girl. There's a lot of texture and story to tell with them.

Kathryn said...

8 is so super cute.

Heidi said...

I know the ice cream eating picture isn't in the running, but I do love that one. She looks so natural and happy! Number 3 is my favorite, with an honorable mention for number 10.

Jeanne said...

I like # 2 'cause it's so cute, and I really like # 11.

Jill said...

I can't decide between 3, 7, and 8. They are all super cute. She is so sweet!

Jill said...

I like numbers 2 & 5. Your blog is cute!
If you are into reading or Book clubs with no real deadlines, hop on over to my page.

S.Ann said...

Grandpa N said

what a happy experience to see Monkey growing into a beautiful lady.... I cannot wait for the Moose Photo shoot... and the joy it is to see wonderfull creations
of art and love.