Sunday, January 6, 2013

So this is Christmas

This may have been one of the nicest Christmases in my opinion.  The kids slept in until 8:00, and I hadn't taken on as much homemade because of the I was in bed by 12:30 (earlier than other years).  The babies slept in even later...they got up after we'd had breakfast. 

DSCN6916 (640x480)

The three older kids got up and were given permission to start opening their stockings while we got breakfast set out.  Breakfast was oranges, spiced cider, poptarts (a novelty for us), and an experimental crock pot french toast recipe that I found on Pinterest.  The french toast was the worst part of the day-- over cooked and sorta yucky.  I regretted abandoning my traditional breakfast casserole, and regretted it even more the next day (my birthday) when I didn't have leftovers for breakfast.

At any rate, no one really cared about breakfast...there were presents to open!  Too many presents, in fact.  Ok, maybe not, but the kids were so contented with everything that they could have had less and been just as happy...we had to keep them on track to finish opening them.

Mr. Fox got me a food processor, which I've wanted just forever!!  And it's as wonderful as I'd imagined.  I actually helped him get it.  I saw a FB notice from one of my thrifty/money saving sources telling about a really great deal on a food processor.  I looked it up, sure enough, about 70% marked down for Cyber Monday, good brand, good reviews on  But it was late, Fox was in bed asleep already.  I went in, woke him up, told him about this amazing deal, and asked him if he wanted to get it for me.  I think he fell back asleep, and I shook his arm again, and he mumbled, "I don't know."  Well, of course I couldn't risk the deal being over the next day, so I bought it, and told him what a good husband he was afterwards. : )  (He is a really awesome husband, btw, regardless of food processors).  I have a similar story from 5 years ago when "he bought me" some cute black boots : )

Anyhow, Santa brought Moose a strider bike.

DSCN6931 (427x640)
This'll be a picture to show the future dates: Buzz Lightyear jammies, superhero cape, Cinderella shoes, on a bike.

Monkey got a camera.

DSCN6921 (427x640)

DSCN6924 (640x480)

Owl and Otter got owl and otter stuffed animals from Santa, and Buntings from Fox and me.
DSCN6933 (640x480)

Chick got a Cinderella dress and shoes. 

DSCN6946 (427x640)
hem looks funny in this pic because she'd just finished twirling.
Santa had put a letter in under the dress, saying that Mrs. Clause had made the dress especially for Chick, but she's grown so much since last year and it might not fit he was including extra fabric in case Mama had to fix it.  Which I did.  She didn't get to wear it for two days because I had to cut it open down the back and put in a zipper and button.  I'm going to pat myself on the back, though, because I think it looks rather intentional.  It's a beautiful dress...made from remnant sparkly fabrics bought long ago (for such an occasion), notions and things on hand, and a $4 thrifted formal dress.  Plus it's fully lined in white satin, so when she wears it inside out it looks like a wedding dress. 

DSCN6939 (480x640)

Monkey got a photo calendar from Fox and me.  Moose got a homemade super hero cape. 

DSCN6922 (427x640)

Fox's brother got us a fantastic new printer, and it's amazing.  Plus we've been without a printer for a it's even more wonderful because of the stark contrast!!

Anyhow, lots of present opening, and such.  No tantrums or drama.  Sometimes my kids are the sweetest ever.  Then they spent a long time all sitting quietly at the table coloring in some new coloring books that they'd gotten.

Because Christmas sometimes feels rushed, and because getting my family out the door is often difficult and tedious, the party came to US.  My parents and my brother and his family came and had dinner with us (with all of us taking part in the food assignments, so I didn't have to stress about "hosting" much).  It was a nice informal dinner and visit.  The three older kids and my brother's two all got flashlights from my parents...and then we'd just see them as they ran from dark room to another dark room.  Lots of giggling and cousin fun : )

Oh, and a non-present: when we were getting ready to set the table I lamented using the old table that came with the house...we had a nice new one downstairs and were waiting to set it up (I think we were waiting until we'd completed the kitchen remodel that we have yet to start and have been discussing but not doing for over a year).  Anyhow, Fox agreed to set it up.  It was a Christmas miracle : )

Lastly, it doesn't matter how many babies I have, I still have to make things for Christmas.  I made song cubes-- the cubes themselves are bought, but I made the inserts.  One had 50 primary songs to use for Family Home Evening (roll the cube like a die to decide what song to sing), and the other had a set of 6 primary songs, 6 colors, and 6 generic kid songs.

DSCN6906 (640x480)

I made cookies in a jar for all of the kids' sunday school teachers (and my Mom made kleenex holders for the two school teachers). 

DSCN6894 (640x427)

I made a fort kit for a family exchange gift.  I had intended to make one for our family too, but I had to abandon that plan in order to not get too stressed and lose too much sleep.

DSCN6910 (640x480)

And I did Christmas cards.  Some still have yet to be some of you reading may still get a card...I think I'm aiming for Presidents' Day now.....

Blogcards (640x457)

It really was a Merry Christmas.


S.Ann said...

There is an amazing amt. of Color in these pictures. It reminded me that for the first 4 or 5 years of our marriage we had only b & w film.

Annalia said...

awesome. sounds like the best sleeping in ever....and it looks like you made a ton of stuff!..liar. ;)

I have really been wanting a food processor too...maybe next year I'll take your approach.