Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year Musings

I'm four days away from the one year anniversary of finding out that I was having twins. 

2012 consisted of six months twin pregnancy, and six months twin babies.  Certainly a year unlike any that I've ever had or ever will have again.  Some years are rather like the next, but not 2012.  I did a LOT of sitting around on the couch, either holding the babies in my arm or in my uterus.  All in all a good year, but with it's share of frustrations, fears, and stresses.

Which leads us to 2013.  I can't really set the usual resolutions.  I don't feel like I can be "resolute" about much.  I can't say that I'm going to do anything for certain...because honestly I'm not really the one deciding things about my life.  For example: yesterday I came home from an out of town visit fresh with a determination to NOT sit on the couch all day.  I have things to do, and I'm sick of having such a messy house and unfinished projects and flabby body!  But then I had fussy sick babies that just wanted to be held.  It was all that Fox and I could do to keep all the kids happy and fed and bathed and into bed at a reasonable hour.

And so it seems to go.  However, I have hope that things will mellow out before 2013 is over.  So things that I am resolute about improving in SOME way:
  • Speaking more kindly to (and about) my family
  • Attending the temple with my husband
  • Reading scriptures with my family (we've already been working on this, but need to continue our efforts)
  • Resuming healthy habits (I've begun baby steps with this, and that's enough for now, since it's all that I CAN do for right now).
  • Two things that I hope to do to encourage the healthy habits are to plant a garden this year, and to do freezer cooking, which I've begun.
  • I'm considering getting a gym membership again, since that would provide a fun diversion for the children AND babysitting AND Me-time AND exercise.

At any rate, the worst case scenario is that 2013 is another year that will be like no other...with twin babies that may be the case.  So the one resolution that I can make for certain is: I resolve to keep trying to keep up with my life and to ENJOY that process.

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S.Ann said...

Paige, I posted a comment on here a couple of hours ago but it doesn't show. I won't try to remember everything that I wrote but here is a quote from todays R.S. ward conf. lesson. It was on being Happy.
"It's our attitude toward challenges in life that rob us of our happiness rather than the challenges themselves."
There was a great story abt being an awesome Mom...I laughed a lot.
Here is another great quote which is almost worthy of tatooing!!
"How we respond in any situation has to make things better, not worse."