Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Tour of the Unfinished Nursery

A couple of months ago my sister suggested that I should take pictures of the nursery and post them, since waiting until I FINISHED the nursery would probably be too long.

I, of course, was offended.

Now, 2+ months later, I am humble enough to share the unfinished pictures with you.

I repainted this rocking chair, and sewed the pillow.  I still need to do a larger cushion for the seat. {Fox put in carpet and base trim, and did the basic white paint, as well as putting in a new light fixture.}

DSCN6686 (480x640)

I repainted the hook strip, frame, and shelf.  I also photoshopped the picture of the temple so that it would match the color scheme more.  I still need other things for the shelf...I want an {unbreakable} owl and otter.  The sign is from when Chick was first born.  I made the bracelets.  {They are still WAY too big}

DSCN6685 (640x427)

I made this diaper stacker using an online tutorial, but the ruffle and front pintucks were my own ideas.  It hangs on a tension rod on one side of the closet...which works double duty by keeping the older kids out of the closet.

DSCN6683 (427x640)

A framed picture of the babies.  I repainted the dresser, but you can't see it in this picture.  Next to this is a changing pad.

DSCN6681 (480x640)

I modpodged paper onto letters, and hung them using velcro.  And I made a fabric flower.  It's about two feet in diameter.  It's still a little can see the pin that I added for stability "until I can sew it."  This grouping is over the dresser.

DSCN6680 (640x427)
This is a picture grouping that will be next to the door (the little shelf and hooks are on the other side).  My sister Melinda gave me the letter hooks and they are perfect.  The pictures aren't final...I was just figuring out the frames.  The top left frame is a magnet board and I made a set of magnet pebbles.  I also made the crib sheet underneath.
DSCN6464 (640x480)

And finally, my favorite part: the squiggly wall.  My sister Judy helped paint the stripes while my Mom watched the kids, and later I freehanded the squigglies while my sister Laura watched the kids.  Eventually I'll put up a large black and white print on canvas of the baby girls on this wall.

2 (640x477)
I still want to make curtains and bedding...the fabrics have been in a neat little pile in my room for months.
This post was typed one handed...please excuse any typos.  I have two sweet little girls sleeping on my lap. : )


Annalia said...

I think you've done a ton! Don't sit around thinking about all of the things you haven't done yet. Their nursery is already much more decorated than most of the rooms in my house. :)

jon & kira said...

So cute! I will have to check it out in person sometime. I've never seen their nursery. Your babies are so cute and sweet and I'm glad I got to hold one today. :)

nikko said...

I'm with Lia. If only half of my house were that cute! I love the striped wall! It is my favorite part. You are so creative!