Sunday, December 2, 2012

Celebrating Autumn

DSCN6667 (640x480)

I get super grumpy when Fox works overtime on Saturdays. 
Which he's done a few times lately.

To combat it one week we had some friends over to make wax-dipped leaves. 

DSCN6657 (427x640)

It was just the thing to turn my mood around.

Dipping leaves in wax is strangely addictive, and definitely helps you stop and appreciate how truly beautiful nature is.  And how each leaf is different.  And how vibrant the colors are.
Loved it.

DSCN6668 (640x480)
Kendra took this picture, and I love it!

We had hot cocoa and cookies.

DSCN6666 (640x427)

And I felt like a rockstar Mom for doing a fun activity, rather than just planning to do it someday. yay me.


Annalia said...

Cool! How long do they stay pretty after they've been dipped?

Paige said...

It really depended on what kind of a leaf it was. Some started curling right away, and others were still beautiful when I took them down after about 3 weeks.

nikko said...

Yay you! We laminated some one year, but I've never dipped in wax. What a fun idea! You are an awesome mom!