Sunday, December 2, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

In October we had our family pictures taken. 
We swapped with our friends the Streadbecks... Heidi took our pictures, and I took their pictures. 

We went to the University of Washington for the photoshoot.  I loved the setting, and plan to go back there for more pictures sometime.  Everytime we passed a doorway I thought, "Oh!  Look at that one!"

At any rate, we were short on time, and it was cold and windy (but not rainy, so that was nice), and we had a million kids (8), so it was a bit rushed.  But I'm still happy with how they turned out.

DSCN6504 (600x800)
I kinda need a creative that day-to-day mothering doesn't wear me out. 
Planning the outfits for these pics was a happy diversion.
DSCN6516 (640x800)
Nothing like a family photo to remind me how adorable I think my kids are!
(but seriously, look at them! they melt my heart!)

DSCN6519 (666x800)

DSCN6525 (800x640)
Love that each child posed differently (on their own)

DSCN6526 (579x800)

DSCN6530 (800x640)
One of my absolute faves...especially of Mr. Foxy and Me.

DSCN6538 (800x639)

DSCN6545 (800x640)

DSCN6546 (800x372)
Another fave.  I bought the glasses at the thrift store (except mine, which were my great-grandma's)
Getting out the books and glasses seemed like too much worksince all were tired, cold, and hungry...but I'm really glad we did it now.The books were...
Fox: Creating Wealth By Investing in Real Estate
Me: These Is My Words
Chick: Cinderella
Monkey: Fancy Nancy
Moose: Dumpy the Dumptruck (which he threw aside because I'd brought the wrong book)
Owl: The Real Mother Goose
Otter: Eloise

DSCN6552 (800x570)
Thank you, Heidi!


Annalia said...

Love the color scheme you chose! Very pretty, but don't you hate it how babies aren't remotely interested in looking toward the camera at all!

S.Ann said...

Great pictures and I'm glad that you put them on here...easier for me to save to my pictures. I love your waxed leaves blog also.

nikko said...

Fun! We did the same thing this year -- traded family pictures with another friend. Love it!

The books and glasses pictures are my absolute favorites! I love the way they turned out. :o)