Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chick's Photoshoot Date


The other day I took the kids up to visit Grandma and Grandpa N's house.  We had a nice visit, and for part of the time Grandma and Aunt Judy watched the four younger kids while Chick and I went on our date.  Chick's birthday photoshoot was only half a year late.....

DSCN5785 Anyhow, I love the photoshoot date tradition.  I love being able to actually SEE that they feel important and special to be out alone with me...which kinda makes me feel bad that we don't do dates more often.  I'll try to work on that, I think.

Chick really got into being a MODEL.  Some of her poses made me think that I want to isolate her from seeing any media, but for the most part she had fun being goofy.  She liked calling the shots on things like, "Lets try taking some pictures over by that bush."  She's growing up for sure.  {sigh}

We just took the pictures in downtown Mt Vernon, since some of the buildings are old and lovely, and it was close to G and G's house.  A couple of pictures were at the park nearby...though by then we were both pretty much done with photos and ready to go get some ice cream : )

DSCN5817Chick got a cone with rainbow sherbet and rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top, to make it fancy like Fancy Nancy.  (I got a cone with Moosetracks ice cream).  We loved the cute vintage-y ice cream parlor.

These are my favorites:


DSCN5781 (2)



These are Chick's favorites:


DSCN5791 (2)


These are some of the funny goofing around ones:



I should note that I chose her outfit.  She loves the green shirt, but really balked at wearing jeans.  Chick almost NEVER wears jeans.  I think they're too stiff for her--she is fashion-minded and likes to be comfortable.  She doesn't think that jeans fulfill either requirement.  She wears skirts a lot.  Anyhow, she did agree to wear the jeans, but I wanted to document the fact that her outfit was out of character.


5 comments: said...

Cute pictures! I really like this tradition you have. What a fun way to document them growing up! Emily is the exact same way about jeans- she always says they're too "hard". Dresses and skirts and leggings are it for her! They must be related!

The Higham Family said...

by the way, that ^^^ was me, Kim :)

S.Ann said...

What a cutie!! And who would have thought that our beautiful Mount Vernon would provide such a great background without a tulip in sight.

Katie said...

cute girl! We're really excited to see you in a couple days!

nikko said...

I love the ones against the yellow wall! They turned out great. :)