Saturday, July 28, 2012

Facts & Photoshoots

naptime with Dad.

Fact #1a: My most craved food during this last pregnancy was Macaroni and Cheese.  I did not crave sweets, but I had a high-protein smoothie every night...sometimes berry, but mostly chocolate-Peanut butter-banana (with blueberries, milk, protein powder, powdered milk, & spinach).  I also did eat fudgesicles a lot in the end.  I rarely wanted dry foods--my body needed too much liquid for something dry to sound appealing.

Fact #1b: Now that the babies are out, I seem to want to make up for lost time and eat any sweet that I can think of.  I'll definitely have to start exercising self-control : (


Fact #2a: With each new baby I've had, I've loved the baby-ness of each one more and more.  These two are no different...enough so that I've been tempted to go for a 6th baby (in due time, of course)

Fact #2b: The maxed-out minivan is reminding me to stay grounded.  5 is a fine number.  How do you say "vasectomy" in baby talk?


Fact #3a: Moose is working on potty training himself a little, and he LOVES the babies!!  LOVES. 


Fact #3b: Moose is helping me to remember my education: specifically 'Of Mice and Men.'  DON'T SQUEEZE the BABIES!  At least he's not jealous?

Fact 4a: Monkey is her same sweet, quiet yet jabberbox self.  She loves the babies too, but is a little less preoccupied with them than the other kids.  She's busy preparing herself to become a future terrorist.


Fact 4b: Ok, she really just accidentally spray painted herself in the face (how many times do I have to remind her to look with her EYES and not with her HANDS before she stops touching things to find out what they are/do/etc?!!).  But seriously, this picture is just scary, and it's exactly the kind of picture that (should she choose a life of crime) the news media will show to say, "she chose her path early."


Fact 5a:  Chick learned to tie her shoes last week.  Now she's ready to start kindergarten!

Fact 5b: Chick is very quick to reassign blame (for instance: if she knocked over a flower pot it wouldn't be HER fault, it would be MINE for putting it too close to the edge in the first place.  or for buying a breakable flower pot.  That's a hypothetical situation, but it does illustrate the kind of reasoning she'd use to reassign blame.).  She's not as quick to share credit, though...if she does something well then she'll accept lots of praise for it.

Fact 5c: I think Chick maybe has missed me more than she lets on... When I tell someone that she learned to tie her shoes, she's been quick to say "Mama taught me."  Maybe it's a big deal that Mama is even around to help, since I've been so absent from the kids during the last month or so?
Chick staged this picture.  she had a great time deciding where to put the props : )

Fact 6: These babies are the most verbal newborns I've ever met.  I don't know if it has something to do with twin talk...sometimes one will grunt and then the other will grunt, and they go back and forth a few times.  They look a LOT like Monkey did as a baby.

E, D

Fact 7: Today the babies are one month old!  They are darling.  I'm trying to figure out what their blog nicknames will be.  Possibilities are: Cat, Bug, Fox, Lamb, Deer....  It's kinda early to pick.  It's easier to rule out what WON'T work (today Monkey suggested Rattle and Snake. haha.  cute, but not very flattering).


Fact 8: E has just outgrown her ankleband.  I think I've decided to get their ears pierced.  I've been mulling it over for a while...I've probably mentioned it before (maybe last week...I'm too lazy to read through and see).  But they really are identical except that E's ear dimple is more pronounced than D's...I have to do something to help us.  The babies deserve to be called by their names, and not just "this one" (even I am guilty of saying that!). 

Fact 9: The nursery is coming along nicely (but slowly)...I'll post pictures when it's all done, but I think it'll be cute!  I love it so far.

Jude wanted to get a picture, since she's never fed two babies at once before
Fact 10a: My sister stopped by for a surprise visit  the other day and we played with the dollies and took pictures : )  I'd taken some the day or two before, as well.  People keep telling me to take pictures and write everything down, because this period of time will all be a blur later.  Which is why this blog is taking a higher priority than it would normally be.
Jude had the idea to put the babies in the cubbies of the sofa table.

Wearing their cocoons that I made during the pregnancy.  D, E.

Fact 10b: Here's the proof of how cute the babies are!


I didn't get many pictures (that turned out well) of D this time. 
I'll probably try to get more of just her soon.

All the rest of these pictures are E.






Annalia said...

I think I'll always want another baby, but (just for the record) I'm SO GLAD I had #6! It was worth moving to the 8-seater minivan.

Love your little Dollies.
"Deer" is sweet and perfect for "D".
Is there an adorable animal the starts with "E"?

Katie said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!

nikko said...

They are both so cute! I love all the pictures!