Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keeping Up with the Streadbecks

I have a friend (Mrs. Streadbeck) who is always captivating all in her social circle.  She has the most amazing stories of crazy things that her kids do.   Half of the thrill of the stories is the wonderful way that she tells them...she's destined to be the next Erma Bombeck (if her kids give her enough peaceful time to write a book, that is).  But of course, the kids do provide the fodder for the stories.

Anyhow, lately I feel like my kids are giving the Streadbeck kids a run for their money.  It's something to aspire to, at least.

Last night Monkey cut her hair.  And we're not talking about a little snip here or cutting bangs...she butchered it.  She cut all around, so that no area could be left alone. (unless I gave her a full-on mullett).

Fox said to just leave it like this and not cut it.  men. seriously.

I tried to leave it fairly long, but had to keep using a shorter guard on the clippers in an effort to disguise the butcher marks...but I went down to 1/2" and had to call it good enough...so she still has shorter hash marks on the back of her head.


The upside is that if anyone had to get an impromptu buzz cut then I'm glad it was Monkey.  She has a great head shape, and a pixie face.  She actually looks good with short hair.  In fact, the hair in the back was a pretty color and had natural soft curls...but she had some crazy cowlicks that made it hard to style...most of the time it tended to just be a crazy mess.

The downside is that Chick and Mr. Fox have BOTH accidentally called her Moose...and Mr. Fox seems quite taken with the similarity between Monkey and Moose.  "They're like twins! Stand back to back, kids!"

Anyhow, if this was Chick, I would think that the rash of haircutting-makeuping-shenanegans that Monkey has done was all on purpose.  Because Chick calculates.  She does things to get certain outcomes...she thinks ahead.  But Monkey isn't like that.  (Those two girls are opposites in so many ways!) Monkey doesn't think what the outcome will be--she is curious and impulsive.  She find scissors and thinks, "what is nearby for me to cut?"  I don't think there was any deeper motive than that.  She's an artist, too, so she has always been most prone to do body art and to cut things.

So I need to figure out how to supervise better...even while breastfeeding two babies at once.  It's kind of a tall order, but what about having five young kids ISN'T?

In the meantime, I'm glad that I've made a few new headbands...we'll be putting them to good use, I guess.



Heidi said...

Oh, poor darling! Something about shaved heads on girls makes me want to over-coddle them. Brielle never had it better than when her head was bald! And don't worry, Monkey still looks like a delicate little lady, even without hair. I guess the pro here is that it can all grow in at the same rate and length (as opposed to baby hair). The head band looks awesome!!

Rachel DeFreese said...

I am DYING right now!!!! Your life has me captivated and paranoid about having more than one child! I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

nikko said...

Too, too funny. Hopefully the pixie cut is a good look for her!

Annalia said...

O - M - G!

Wow. She was super thorough too!

My hubby says you should put out a can with her picture on it and see if you can get donations. Paige, that is so crazy. I think with post-pregnancy nerves and the load you have on your hands right now, I would have totally lost it. You are doing AWESOME!

Bridget said...

I hope my Jocelyn never tries this...she's only cut one chunk before. Not noticeable. But I'd probably cry if she did more.

Anonymous said...

I will have to send the pic of kate when Ben came home from the NICU. Same thing but just her bangs. It will even out soon. In the meantime sounds like they get to come see aunt Judy tomorrow.