Sunday, August 26, 2012

In the Trenches

D will be Owl.  Because: she's a night owl.  And because when I told her that she was being a night owl she looked at me with eyes wide open, and I had to admit: she even LOOKED like an owl (but not always).  So Owl she shall be.

DSCN5901 (575x800)
E will most likely be Emu.  I'm testing it out.  I wanted something that started with E, just to make it easier for everyone to remember who is who.  Also we love the Emu Books (Edward the Emu and Edwina the Emu).  And it goes well with Owl.  And it's shorter to type than Elephant.  It still might change, since it really has nothing to do with little Miss E herself, and I like having something personal about it.  But it is a cute little name, and she's a cute little maybe that's enough.

HH, my handsome handyman, is getting a name that will fit better with the rest of the family.  From now on he is Mr. Fox.  Or just Fox when I'm lazy.  Fantastic Mr. Fox when I'm feeling really plucky.  I've never cared for how HH looks typed.  Besides, he's a clever fellow.


Will she ever learn?  This week she hid under my bed (in the company of her older sister, who did not participate), and put on make-up.  "You got into my make-up?!"  "no, it was my makeup."  "What makeup do you have?  show me."


sparkly fuschia nail polish eyebrows.
Moose is growing up before my eyes.  All I can say to that is "STOP IT!"  But anyhow, I wanted to write down some of his cute verbalizations before they're a thing of the past.

"Alla."  Alla has been how Moose says water for a long time...until recently when Mr Fox actually TAUGHT the boy ON PURPOSE to say water.  BOO.  I was so sad when Moose came to me and was telling me something about Chick's "water bottle."  Thankfully he still slips back into old habits and says Alla sometimes.

"Either."  Moose adds "either" to the end of most everything that he says.  "I don't want to either, Mama." Sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it doesn't.  Often it's said semi-belligerently, because that's how he says a lot of what he says.  unfortunately.

"Ah-la-lee" is his youngest sister's name : )

"Uh-wuh-wuh" is underwear, which he is starting to wear now.  By the way, after having two girls, I find it very hard to remember to call them underwear instead of panties...anyone else have that problem?

"No nakes" is no thanks.

His new phrases are: "I note know" "I don't want to (either, Mama)" and "I love you" (I can't think how he pronounces it right now, but he says it to the babies most of all).

Today I heard him say, "Numemmind, Daddy" for the first time.  Two-year-olds are so cute!

He's starting to string words together in longer sentences (which seemed to happen overnight)...

It's always sad to see them growing up, but at the same time it's thrilling to see them learn new things.  I'm happy for Moose's new linguistic skills.  Now if we can get the tantrums to lessen, and the uh-wuh-wuh to stay dry....

Update on Owl and Emu:
At their 8 week checkup this week the stats were--

Owl weighed 7#6 oz (about 10th percentile)
and was 20.5 inches long (about 5th percentile for height).

Emu weighed 7 pounds even (5th percentile) and her length was the same as Owl's.

They are doing fine, but are a bit delayed on things like smiling, neck strength, and eye focus.  They are more like two week olds rather than two month olds...but in a perfect world they WOULD be two weeks old, so it's not a big deal.

Emu has been pretty raspy for the past couple of days, and I'll be very relieved when she gets past that.

DSCN5883 (601x800)
l-r: Emu, Owl.  back row: me.
My favorite way to carry them is both of them tucked in the sling.  They like being squished together.  I also put them in the same swing sometimes.


People have said that they'll sleep through anything because of my older three kids, but I think they'll sleep through anything by virtue of being a twin.  Honestly, one can be screaming her head off, and the other is sleeping peacefully right next to her in the cradle. 

Emu loves to take baths...her little mouth goes into an O, and she puts her head back in the water.  She must take after her mother.   : )

During feedings I've been watching a lot of Monk episodes (currently watching season 8).  Consequently I say things like "here's the thing."

I've also read quite a few books.  Mostly dystopian YA books-- Matched, Divergent, Shatter Me, Birthmarked, sequels to those....

Oh, and I totally LOVE the Applegate Farms commercials.  My favorite is THIS ONE. My second favorite is THIS ONE.

I'm working hard to establish a "one load a day" habit for laundry.  I've also decluttered a lot-- on Monday I did 100 items, and I've done 10-20 items almost every day since then.  I'm hoping that it will make it easier for me to keep the house clean if we have less to mess up.....

I also try to find a couple of minutes each day for crafty stuff.  Currently I've been making hair bows and accessories for the girls.  Have you seen the nylon headbands?  So quick and easy and cute (tutorial HERE)!  I'm also working on a spectacular menu planner (that keeps getting more involved, which is why it's still a work in progress).  And I'm making a Family Home Evening chart, which has been a long time coming, but I did make a step forward this week.

I still am the beneficiary of wonderful volunteers who take my kids for a few hours, or who come over to let me take a nap, or who bring an occasional meal.  I don't know how I'd manage without their help, honestly.

And on the days that I'm on my own: there's always  Nutella.  Actually, there isn't anymore, and based on the velocity with which it disappeared, I will not be allowing myself to buy any more!  Plus the babies spit up a lot more by the end of the Nutella for their sake I should refrain as well.


nikko said...

Yikes! Nail polish on her eyebrows?! Fun stuff!

I'm amazed at what you get done! Your babies are adorable!

Annalia said...

Aren't they so, I mean.

Twins look a hard way.

I don't know about Emu. We just saw emus at a zoo-ish place. They have red devil eyes and they aren't very cute....whereas your child is extremely cute...I just don't think it goes.

Heidi said...

I might disagree, I think Emu is cute, plus it's hard for me to keep the names straight as it is, so having the alphabet on my side would make it easier. Pros for Emu: they're very soft, have long legs (like your long daughters) They are curious birds, and do not sleep continuously at night, but rather in several short stints. (sometimes 8 times a night) They can also be playful, sometimes poking other animals, then running away after drawing a reaction.