Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Poor Boy

Evidently Moose is allergic to mosquito bites.
We need to remember to start spraying him before he plays outside, or he's going to look like we beat him every summer.
This picture was taken in June.
Picture taken this morning.
He looks like a cartoon character. 
He also has a good sized goose-egg on his forehead, but you can't see it in this picture.
When I walked into the kitchen this morning everyone was eating breakfast.  Moose's back was to me, and he was at the table with his sisters.  HH was standing nearby.  The FIRST thing I saw when I walked into the room was the poor boy's huge red monstrosity of an ear...but no one else had even noticed it!


nikko said...

Hey Paige... there's this great invention called bug repellant...

Seriously, though, that looks so miserable! Poor guy!

Sarah said...

:D Poor little guy, but also SO funny!