Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Freaky Friday Birthday

My Mother was born on Friday the 13th.  Obviously, she's never considered that a bad thing.  So on the years that her birthday falls on Friday it's an extra special birthday.

Like this year.

My sister cooked up the idea to have a Freaky Friday dinner out. 
We all were to dress up like my Mom.

Judy, Mom, Aunt Diana, Me, and Marlene. 
My brother, Mike, deserves extra points, because he went with a vintage Halloween costume look that not only took lots of guts but also lots of planning and preparation.

Me and my Dad.

Some people gave Freaky gifts to go with the theme, but I had already decided what I wanted to give to her.  I made her this bag.  Each branch on the tree represents one of her children.  The leaves are the grandkids, and the grass squares at the bottom are great-grandchildren.  Each sibling has a different fabric for their kids/leaves.

My machine quilting leaves a lot to be desired, but I think the sloppy look works this time?
Anyhow, the evening was a huge success and we all had a really great time. 

Mike prepared a quiz game, and another novelty game.  He gave each of us a slip of paper with a crazy sentence on it.  We had to then use the sentence in conversation without anyone calling us out on it. 

My sentence was, "I am a space cowboy." 
 My brother Evan had, "Pigs lead a luxurious life." 
My aunt's was "I sometimes wear my underwear backwards."

I don't remember the others.  But all three of those were used successfully.  I had to work mine into an elaborate story about teaching preschool.  My aunt thought it was funny that she could say hers without it seeming at all odd.


Rachel DeFreese said...

Wow! That made me laugh soooo hard! I wish I could've witnessed that-- too much fun!

Paige, you are going to be an attractive older woman.

jon & kira said...

Paige, it sounds like you have a really funny family. I laughed all through reading that. Your brother's costume is hilarious and that game sounds like so much fun.

Heidi said...

I left a comment, and it's not showing up. If it's not here tomorrow I may have to tell you AGAIN how awesome this party idea is! I'm stealing that sentence game for sure, hilarious! I want to party with your family! And your brother's costume is spot on, major points there!

Bonnie #2 said...

Thanks hilarious! Thanks for the laugh, you have a fun family! Awesome gift idea! I think you'll look old grey someday!