Friday, January 27, 2012

The eventful week continued

Yesterday was a monumental day too. 
It was our first trip to the ER!
Moose fell when coming into the house, and got a nice little gash in his forehead.
We headed over to the hospital that, thankfully, is just around the corner from us.  The girls were excited because they are always asking to go inside!

Here's a before picture--cleaned up, but before they'd glued it shut.

Here's the after picture, when he was finally getting the juice box that he'd been asking for through the whole ordeal.  Isn't he cute?  He's a real stinker, but I'm pretty smitten with him anyhow.

The kids had fun looking at the fish tank, and they each got to pick out a beanie baby.  And the front desk ladies were pretty excited for us when Chick told them that there were TWO babies in Mama's tummy : )

He left the bandaid on and was good about it for the rest of the day.

That evening I left to do a few errands, and when I came back the kids were all in their room for bed, but no one was asleep yet.  Moose was calling for me, so I went to say goodnight to him.
I opened the door to find this sad little bloody face (HE wasn't sad, he was actually quite happy, but his FACE was sad).  He'd taken the bandaid off before bed, and then must have been picking at the glue when he went to bed.  It was all over his pillow and face.

We ended up cutting some bandaids into strips to use as butterflies, and then I put gauze and medical tape on his HAND, as a decoy.  It must have worked, because when he woke up in the morning his hand was bandage-free, but the butterflies were still on his forehead : )


nikko said...

I love the picture where he's all happy and smiling, even though there is crusty blood smeared all over his face. Classic.

Hopefully next week isn't so eventful for you. :o) Glad we got to talk on the phone today. We should do that more often!

Heidi said...

Bandaging the hand, now THAT is smart!!!! What a clever Mama!

The Higham Family said...

Ooh, poor guy! I remember when Emily split her head open- it is not a fun thing! Your bandaged hand idea is great!

Annalia said...

So sad! ...but he looks adorable in that tiny hospital gown!