Sunday, January 15, 2012

Field Trip: Burke Museum

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Burke Museum at the UW for a preschool field trip.  It was a pretty cool museum, seen at the warp speed of 4 year olds.  They had a fun time dressing up and playing instruments in the Carnival area.

Cute little first-borns who have a love-hate relationship sometimes because they each know their own minds : )

Our preschool class: Hyrum, Colin, Chick, and Claire.

At one point I noticed that I hadn't seen Monkey for a while (yeah, mother of the year right here), and went to find her.  She was sitting on this little chair cutting out a mask.  Concentrating very hard.  She really likes to cut things.

 The reason that we went to that museum was the Native American items, because they'd recently learned about Native Americans (though Chick had still gotten confused about Indians being from India....  At least she's in good company; Columbus had the same problem).

This carving came with a story from Heidi (one of the other moms/teachers).  It was funny-- kids running chaotically around until she started talking and then they were mesmerized for the duration of the story.  After we'd gotten home, Chick said that was her favorite part of the museum.  She remembered all of the story.  {You can read it HERE}

On our way out, Monkey wanted to sit on the bench, so I put Moose there too, and they posed themselves.  I totally love this picture.  Chick is not pictured, because she was busy running ahead and consequently getting in trouble.

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nikko said...

Love that last picture, too! I love the way that Monkey is sitting so proper-like with her hands in her lap. What a cutie!

I like that phrase "warp speed of a four year old"... they don't sit still much, do they?