Friday, January 6, 2012


I don't have time for a proper post today, so I'll just share what was probably the highlight of my day yesterday:

I had made Chili soup for dinner.  I made it at lunchtime, because we were going to the museum after lunch.  Then HH and I swapped car and kid duty so that I could make a thrift store run to use my 30% off card before it expired.  When I got home, everyone was eating. 

Then the compliments came:  Chick had thirds (and wanted 4ths but I told her no), HH put his emptied bowl on the stove (so that he could have more later) rather than in the sink to be washed, and Moose finished his second bowl and then drank the few drops that were left.  (Monkey ate hers without incident).

Nice compliments to acknowledge my efforts to make dinner!! 

(I'd share the recipe, but I'd taken the leftovers from taco salad the night before [but not the lettuce] and threw them in the stock pot and then added the regular soup ingredients to that.  Sadly, I'll never be able to recreate it exactly.)

Now I need to get busy:  tomorrow is Monkey's Madeline birthday party!!  And I also have layout to  be working on this weekend.  Thankfully my Mom is coming to help this afternoon and will spend the night and help with the party.  Thanks, Mom!!!  It makes it all seem possible knowing that I'll have help.

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Annalia said...

Isn't it nice when EVERYONE likes something! Don't lose that recipe. :)