Friday, December 31, 2010


First:  Let me give an accounting.  My goals for 2010 were:
  • Have FHE each week
  • Follow Flylady to the "T"
  • Remodel the Kitchen
  • Log onto sparkpeople daily
  • Save $50/month
  • Entertain guests once a month
  • Write & follow a dinner menu
I pretty much sucked at all of them.  Except entertaining guests, though the entertaining that I did wasn't what I'd intended when I set the goal.  Also, though I didn't follow Flylady all that well, I did get into the habit of cleaning my kitchen every night because of her.

So I guess, between those two things & with the addition of Moose, 2010 was a good year : )

Anyhow, on to 2011!
I've been thinking about what kind of New Years Resolutions I want to make.  I can't find it now, but several months ago I read on someone's blog that they were just going to work on the concept of "wholesomeness."  I wish I could find the blog...I wonder if they are more wholesome now that the year is over?

At any rate, I like the idea of just working on one thing.  So I'm going to copy whoever that person was.  2011 will be my year to work on....


My life feels completely unbalanced most of the time.

For instance, there was a while when I spent so much time blog-hopping that I didn't get much else done.  Then towards the end of the year I got so busy with other things that I didn't have five minutes of leisure time to check in and see what my friends were doing.

The dictionary defines Balance as:
A state of equilibrium.
Emotional stability.
A harmonious arrangement of proportion of parts.

That's what I want.
Easier said than done, though.  I can't exactly set concrete year-long goals, because it's quite possible that focusing on them would CREATE unbalance, should my life situation change.  Right?
For instance, I'd love to set a goal to fit into this sweater:
I bought it about 6 years ago at a yard sale.  It didn't fit at the time, nor has it ever in the past 6 years.  I can't get rid of it, though, because I still totally love it (you can't tell in the picture, but it has cute embroidery and beadwork  up near the neckline, and it's a super soft sweater) and I'd love to be able to wear it.  It's not unrealistically small--a year of good exercise and will-power would do.
But what if I get pregnant during 2011?  It's crazy, but quite possible, and actually expected (but for the last time...lest you think that I'm just going to keep up with this rate!).  To keep trying to fit into a smaller size isn't exactly harmonious with the fact that your body does get bigger during pregnancy.

That was a long-winded example.  Mostly I just wanted to show the cute sweater, I think.
I'm totally digressing.

I think that what I'll need to do is have certain guidelines--general ideas to help me-- and then I can set short-term goals that will help me based on my circumstances.  Right?
Things that I think will help me regardless are:
Being Prayerful.
Exercising Regularly.
Having Leisure time.
Having Work time.
Having an earlier bedtime.
Focusing on good nutrition.

So basic.  Those are the general things that I will work on, and I will set specific goals as needed.
And I'm totally open to suggestions:  what has helped you to achieve balance in your life?


Annalia said...

I don't know that my life is super-balanced. I tend to dive into the things I love, and sometimes that results in me getting in over my head.

However, I am trying something new, in hopes of it un-crazying my life a tad. Anthony and Sofia are starting public school next week. I'll let you know if it works.

nikko said...

I don't know that my life is ever balanced. I know this word is big, especially amongst us LDS women, but I feel it's a bit misleading. There is never going to be balance because we can't possibly predict what life is going to throw at us.

I tend to like the word Priorities more. I feel that if I have my priorities in order (not that I'm an expert, of course) and if I'm genuinely happy with the way my life is going, then that's good enough for me.

Like Lia, I tend to dive in head first with hobbies and likes and interests, and I don't think that's necessarily bad.

I could use an earlier bedtime, too. ;o) Good luck with that.