Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Light of the World

The first half of December was extremely busy.  I had my usual work (kids, monthly design work, housework...you know), but I also had a phone directory to do for work, and I was (more or less) in charge of a Relief Society Dinner.  I'm really glad that it's over, but I'm also glad that it went so well!  Here's the rundown.

The theme was "The Light of the World."
My contributions (aside from general management & helping with food) were: 
all printed materials-- posters, invitations, gift tags, & programs

individual star-shaped butters

centerpieces (some had tree top stars on them, others had hanging star ornaments)

The lighting in the pictures is off, but the room was dim & had white lights overhead.

Each table was "sponsored" by a different sister, so each table had a different china set.

The food was delicious
(turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, rolls, salad, green beans, spiced cider, and cheesecake bites)

The service was excellent: we had a crew of "Daves" who served the meal & helped with everything.

The program (and evening) was beautiful.  Really beautiful.  It did just what we had hoped for:  it brought a spirit of serenity to the hectic holiday season, and focused us more on Jesus Christ.


nikko said...

Pretty! It looks so nice. I wish our ward did something like that.

Annalia said...

Fancy, schmancy!

S.Ann said...

The words that came to my mind, after living through this with you, were STRESSY, STRESSY!!