Monday, December 6, 2010

This cute little lass

is now a two year old.

She is so much fun to have around.  She totally cracks us up -- from the way she bobs her head from side to side when she's pretend eating, to the cute little way she talks. 

Clouseau.  Inspector Clouseau.
She has quite a vocabulary, and a lisp, though most people don't get to hear either, because she gets quiet around other people.

She likes to dance and watch Signing Time and get into everything.  Seriously, I could spend the entire day following her around cleaning up messes and getting her out of whatever she isn't supposed to be playing with.  But she's so stinkin' cute that it's hard to really get mad.  She has her Daddy wrapped around her finger.

She likes to play with water and is getting good at dressing herself and going potty.  She loves to take baths and she loves food.

She gets along great with Chick--it's so fun to see them interact and learn from each other.   She's also a good big sister to Moose and often wants to "holdim."

Monkey has always been good at sharing, or noticing the feelings of others.  She still really likes to be held & have cuddle time.

Anyhow, for her birthday she had a butterfly cake. 
She got an apron (just like her sister's, but Monkey has blueberries, and Chick has tomatoes).  My aunt gave her (and Chick) cute hats. (Monkey loves hats).  My parents gave her a new stainless steel water bottle. 
My brother gave her a card that sings "Girls just wanna have fun."  She loves that card.

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S.Ann said...

I looked at this blog yesterday but had to come back again today...the pictures are just so cute. Your video of "the dance" is much better than mine. My vote for the pic that would win a prize is the Cousteau one.