Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miscellaneous Merriness. or HO HO HO Highlights.

 We saw Santa at our ward party.  
Moose was indifferent.
Monkey warmed up once he gave her a candy cane.
Chick asked for a tractor.  (That was news to me.)

 My favorite wrapping job of the holiday.  Nicely done, HH.

 Monkey is great at pretend eating.  Here she is modelling both a felt sandwich AND the bracelet that Chick made for her!  Chick also made a bracelet for me (which I CHERISH and showed off to everyone at church on Sunday) and necklaces for both of her grandmas.

 Chick and Monkey helped Moose open his present.  He was indifferent.

Moose DOES like eating the pearl strand that was on the Christmas tree, as well as any ornaments that he could reach. 
He wisely perfected crawling at the start of December, so that he could get into more things.  
As soon as he'd mastered that skill, he got a job as a part-time kitchen floor cleaner.  
Fine by me--I didn't want to have to get a dog to clean up the table scraps anyhow.

 Moose also uses his mobility to pay social calls on cute little girls
(a practice that I'm sure will continue for quite some time...
though hopefully not just with girl COUSINS.)

These last pictures are of the kitchen that Santa made for the girls.  It's red and blue to match their tea set.  You might notice that it doesn't have a faucet yet (Chick noticed almost immediately...ahem). 
From what I understand the fault lies with Mrs Santa not ordering one in time (I don't know why, since she's been wanting to have Santa build this for quite some time), and then expecting Santa to take out the one that was in the downstairs wetbar (which Santa refused to do because it was all plumbed in.)  
Santa is very practical, you know.
But aside from the lack of faucet, I think it's a very cute little kitchen. 
One that caused ME no end of stress because SANTA can procrastinate and he's just LUCKY that he's skilled enough to have pulled it all together in time.

The girls have made me many wonderful concoctions, and seriously, 
I could watch them play cook all day long.  
It was worth the stress : ) 


S.Ann said...

Great job Mr & Mrs S. Claus!!

Annalia said...

Did Santa paint it too, because it looks to me like you had a hand in that! the little hooks on the side!

Jeanne said...

What a super fun gift. I can see many memories made from this one!

Melissa P said...

What an awesome cooking station! I love it!

Paige said...

Mrs Santa picked out the colors and did a little bit of the painting, but Santa himself did most of it. The inside still needs to be painted--it's just primed for now.

nikko said...

That is the cutest little kitchen. I love it. Maybe Santa needs to make one for our house next year. Hmm.. Wonder how that would go over around here. ;o)

Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

Very nice job!!