Friday, May 28, 2010

The Happenings.

So, instead of having a baby this week, we've visited with family and friends, which has been very fun. Here's a picture of when Aunt Mindy came to visit and painted Chick's toenails : )

I also went to the thrift store on Monday, and bought a non-maternity skirt for me. I also bought a few baby items, and 2 suit jackets for $1 each (with plans to make a couple of THESE cutie patootie hats ...though smaller if I can manage it). Oh, and a big bag of crocheted pieces...mostly squares and a few random flowers. Unfortunately there weren't any hats, but I guess I'll just buy neutral hats and pin flowers on separately.

I've also done a surprising amount of freezer cooking. I made 2 sheets FULL of meatballs, and blended up tons of spinach for spinach ice cubes to use in smoothies. I froze strawberries (also for smoothies), and made 4 loaves of braided bread (though seriously, my mixer does all the work...I did 2 loaves and discovered that it took almost completely no work from me, so I did 2 more loaves). And I made some raisin bran muffins. Today I think I'll do granola bars if I feel industrious enough.

Anyhow, Chick had her last day of preschool yesterday. The mamas were invited for a celebration at the end. They got Grad necklaces & diplomas, sang songs that they've learned over the year, ate special treats, and were sent home with cute packets with their class picture and such. It was so much fun : )

Yesterday, as a condolence prize (since I wasn't getting a baby) I went and got a pedicure. Then I picked up pizza for dinner & rented a couple of movies.
Today we'll watch The Princess & the Frog (I've been holding out on that one because in the pictures she's the most immodest of all of the princesses -except Jasmine- and I hate that Chick thinks that you dress immodestly if you are a princess). Anyhow, I should probably do laundry and g-bars, and I hope to do some sewing and napping. And my aunt will take the girls for a little visit to the mall playground, so I'll get some alone time : )


Katie said...

She's a frog for most of the movie, haha. :)

Sounds like a busy fun day. Hope that baby comes soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great idea of freezing spinach in ice cube trays. I can't even taste the spinach in my smoothies and what a great way to get my husband to eat whats good for him!! Aunt Leslie

Let's hope that baby comes real soon....!!