Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Some of you seem to think that I'm always doing something, and I'm here to tell you that sometimes I do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Sometimes, like on Friday, I turn on a movie so that we can sit around waiting for naptime. Then we nap, and then HH gets home and takes care of the girls so that I can sit around doing nothing some more.

On Saturday HH took care of the girls while I ran errands and went to the thrift store (big score: 2 yards of new minky fabric for $.99!). Once home I pretty much sat around for the rest of the day.

Sunday was church, and naps, and more nothing. Oh, but I did bead a necklace. I'd bought a clearance pendant from Michael's for $.50 on Saturday, so I beaded a necklace to go with it. Our next family picture is going to be black/gray/white clothes with accents of red poppies, so the necklace will work nicely (even if it's not a poppy).

Monday started out rough. It was raining. HH and I were not on the same wavelength, and we both were getting frustrated with each other. Anyhow, the way things turned out: we ended up getting in the car for a drive. We just wandered (HH is great at "What's down this street?") and looked at houses, and flags, and new stores being built, etc.
Our drive took us to Alfy's for some pizza and a fun relaxed lunch that I didn't have to make.
Then we headed home, but we passed a park and it wasn't raining and Chick wanted to stop. So we did. The girls played, and I walked laps around the playground (to no avail). Then some friends from church happened to come along, so we played/chatted with them for a while. Then as we were leaving we ran into some more friends (from when we were single) and chatted some more. Then home for naps. Then we all worked out in the yard. I squatted while weeding in the garden (to no avail). Then we had dinner & watermelon for dessert.
It ended up being exactly the kind of day that I'd wanted. HH also worked on some house projects, but they aren't photo ready yet : )

Today I'm a little stressed, so I've decided that today I'm going to throw a pity party. I'll be serving chocolate, ice cream, too many carbs, and maybe raspberry tea (to no avail). I'll be attired in stretchy cotton and possibly a scowl. Yesterday's makeup. Hair brushed, but not styled. And for activities? I think a movie and naptime.
Maybe I'll throw in a Castor Oil Cocktail.


Annalia said...

Bummer. Sorry.

Becky F. said...

I can't believe the baby is taking forever. And to think I was TOTALLY miserable at 36 weeks with the twins. I can't imagine going overdue. You are totally entitled to do nothing. In fact I say do nothing until the baby arrives. You deserve it!

Katie said...

big hugs!!! You have every right to sit and do nothing if you want to. You are busy growing a person and that's work enough to do!! Hopefully he or she will soon make their appearance!!

Anonymous said...


Love, Aunt Leslie

Simply Simmons said...

Oh Sister...I totally feel your pain. Porter was 3 days overdue. Stryker was 5 days overdue. And Riley (11 days overdue) seemed like he was never coming out.

Throw yourself that party...have a good time...eat some ice cream for me. Who cares about yesterday's makeup (or even makeup from 3 days ago) and whether or not you've brushed your hair. Throw on whatever makes you comfortable, watch your movie and take your nap.

Party on Sister!!

Jeanne said...

Grrr The waiting is a killer! Wish I could make it easier for you...

Our little family said...

Sorry :( I hope the little bug comes soon. I've heard that the cocktail might be a good idea but you should eat a full meal before or it will have nothing to work with... good luck!

Steph said...

Hope you enjoyed your chocolate and icecream. And have some everyday. . . you deserve it. That baby has got to show it's face sooner or later.