Friday, June 18, 2010

post-baby non-news

How do I know he'll be a handsome devil?  He looks just like HH did (pictured at 3 weeks). 

You know, I had misgivings about having a boy.  I really like having daughters and though that 3 in a row would be fun (like the Flicka, Ricka & Dicka books...though of course they are triplets) ...and eventually 4 girls like "Little Women" or "The Giraffe Who Went to School" (have you read that one?  That's when I first fell in love with maypoles...I can't find the version that we had to link to it, though). 

I'm happy to report, though, that I couldn't be more thrilled with this little man.  He's a good baby.  Plus it seems that I love babies more with each new one that I have.  And it's funny that having a boy brings a totally different feeling...I'm so happy to have a son!

And the fact that he looks so much like his daddy?!  Icing on the cake.

We had our first "putting things up the nose" incident the other day.  A piece of mushroom in Monkey's nose.  I noticed that she was messing with her nose, and she sounded stuffy all of a sudden.  Thank goodness for tweezers.

I got to change a seedy mustard-colored messy diaper that extended from shoulder to heel.  I forgot about those.

I also forgot about going out in public with spit up on my shoulders.  Nice.

Totally unrelated: I finally watched "The Blind Side" and loved it.  I love Sandra Bullock (ever since "While You Were Sleeping" when I was 16...and Bill Pullman's boot as he gets out of his truck is still sexy.  I'm glad I married a carpenter).  But as much as I love her comedies, this was some FABULOUS acting on her part. 

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Katie said...

ah, the joys of babyhood. :) I'm a little nervous about having a boy, too, but I know it's inevitable some day, lol. Totally love Sandra Bullock, too! Good movie!