Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just waiting.

Nothing to report. No baby.
On Friday I just sat around--we watched "The Wizard of Oz" and took naps and that's about it. I tried to take a walk by myself...I think I might have gone a mile total, but by the time I returned home I was barely waddling & felt like my hips and/or pelvis were about to fall apart.

Saturday I did some laundry & cleaning, and HH worked on basetrim & deck railing.

Today was church. Also, during the insomnia hours of the morning I FINISHED COMPLETELY Monkey's baby book. The first year is entirely done, so the baby can come anytime now.

And for dinner we had Chicken nuggets with yummy peach sauce (THIS recipe, which is quadrupled for freezing). I made a few alterations: less butter, I baked them on a rack rather than directly on the cooking sheet, I substituted bran flakes for some of the bread crumbs, and I broiled them for a few minutes at the end to get them crispy. Everyone ate them & seemed to like them. They're definitely best with the sauce (didn't try them with ketchup, though...maybe they'd be good that way too). Since I've decided to boycott Tyson chicken as well as all store-bought nuggets (except maybe T. Joes...I'll have to look into that), I'm glad that these turned out well.

I don't have pictures of the scrapbook, but here's a picture of the most recent baby gown, which was made using a high school track tee (both parents are athletic, and the dad teaches & coaches track at Jackson High School). (HERE is the tutorial, for those of you who wanted it. Seriously, super easy). It looks like that's winning the poll, so I'll be making another one soon to have on the display table for F.F.

Hmm, I guess that's it. I have more little projects to work on until the baby arrives, but now that the scrapbook is done I don't have anything the baby can come...preferably on Tuesday (5-25-10).


Annalia said...

Tuesday sounds good. Shoot for that. :)

Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

We both LOVE the gown you made. Steve was amazed at how quickly you made it and how nice it looks! Thanks again! Let me know when junior decides to come into the world!

James and Megan said...

Aunt Paige, do you ever just sit around? You are AMAZING. I love looking at all your projects. I hope your little baby comes soon! Good Luck.