Friday, May 21, 2010

New Poll... please vote

Ok, I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on what to offer to teach for Fantastic Friday, so I'm putting up a poll. Here are the options:

1. Changing pad with storage pocket
pros-- easy & makes a great gift so it would appeal to a larger group
cons-- kinda boring to teach

2. Baby gown from a t-shirt
pros-- same as above
cons-- ?

3. Girls shirt dress
pros-- super fun to see what others come up with, exciting to teach, fun for me to practice & make some in advance
cons-- measurements/pattern adjusting for many people might be tricky, appeals to a smaller crowd

pros-- easy, universally appealing
cons-- I haven't actually made one yet, so I don't know the cons. This would be the most expensive project, too.


Kincaid Family said...

I was actually just thinking about the baby gown yesterday wondering where you found the tutorial for it! So my vote is for the baby gown! I love layetts and although I have about a dozen for this baby i think they make great gifts!

Annalia said...

I vote for the baby gown or the shirt dress - can I come?

Grandmary said...

Shirt dress or baby gown because I wish I knew how to do both!

Karen said...

After seeing the one you made for Megan, I love the t-shirt being made into a baby gown. The Jackson High shirt was so cute.

Heidi said...

I vote for the girl's shirt dress. I'd love to learn how to do that!