Sunday, July 19, 2009

"What we do for fun on a Friday night"....or "Stripping"....or "The Saga of the Fuzzy Wallpaper"

This is the entryway wallpaper. Silvery-mirror background with fuzzy yellow flocking. A couple of years ago I spent a lot of time working on fixing up the house for renting. We did a lot of work & made a big improvement, though there was still a long ways to go (and of course a year & a half ago we moved here so that we could finish & still have endless projects....).
But anyhow, when I was working on it that first time (2005, I think) we didn't want to take the wallpaper down because we didn't know what the wall would be like, and we just weren't up to taking on that project.
(btw, the light fixture has been changed....)
And I made the happy discovery that it was infinitely better when painted over--the design was still there (though not fuzzy--it actually became prickly), but subdued to a nice mellow yellow that matched the other walls that I painted yellow on purpose. (In that "before" picture you can see the white before I'd done the whole wall, as well as the original paper).

Anyhow, it would still be a "lets do it later" project, but HH was using a wallpaper steamer at work & had it for the night, and suggested using it while he had it. Turns out that the steam didn't penetrate the painted thick fuzzy wallpaper, so we just ripped it off. The drywall paper came off in a lot of spots, so we'll have lots of mudding to do before we can texture & paint....

So this is our new entry decor for a few days (I get to work on sanding during naptimes before we can mud).

Also, as follow up: I did buy the armoire & tables, am reselling the coffee table because we really aren't coffee table people, and I'm now in the process of trying to find baskets for the shelves under the tv (to hold dvds and such)


Katie said...

Awwww, that fuzzy wall paper was awesome. It will be missed. :(

Annalia Romero said...

Wallpaper...grrr. It's so evil.

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

Wow. You always work so hard! I swear, you are my model person.

By the way, I'm still totally indebted to you for getting me started blogging and learning about the frugal blogs. You are the best.

nikko said...

Wow. That is so hideous. I'm pulling down wallpaper at my mom's right now as we speak. Such fun. Yeah.

Will next week work for you? Like Monday?

Steph said...

Weren't the 70's just super fabulous. My parents bought a house in the 80's. It was covered with that same type of wallpaper. In some rooms even the ceilings. It was terrible to take down. Good luck.