Friday, July 24, 2009

Ode to Chicadee

Chick is at a funny age. At least once a day I find myself thinking, "where did she learn to do that?!" or "How did she get old enough to do such a thing?" but then every so often she'll say or do something that reminds me that she's still a 2-yr-old.

Aside from independence battles (and she's always been independent), it's a fun age. I love to see her learning new things all the time. She loves her sister (who is old enough to be able to handle all that lovin'), and she is always ready to help mama. I hate to think what a bleak world I'd live in without her--she is a ray of sunshine. And if I could bottle up her laughter, I really think it would cure the world of any ills.

This picture is from last night. I was tired & had just told HH that I was going to take a bath & he got to keep an eye on the girls (who were both playing) for a while. As I was passing Chick, I noticed how well she was doing with the clothespins (not only was she clipping them on the side really well, but at that point she'd completely separated the colors). I told her what a great job she was doing, and you should have seen her LIGHT.UP.

This picture is from earlier this week. She wanted to match her sister, and they were playing well together.


Katie said...

Cute! I know what you mean about "where does she get that??" I'm constantly amazed by Maya and Zoe, too.

nikko said...

Watching them learn new things is so fun and rewarding!

I didn't realize my mom has Monday off from work. Can I come a different day? Like Weds or Thurs?

texasdavies said...

This was my one of my favorite "ages" for me for both of my kids for so many reasons! What a sweet tribute to her. You are fabulous! Cute cute pictures!