Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the bees knees

On Thursday I went to the thrift store to use my $50 off of $100 coupon, and got really great stuff. Here's a picture. I spent $46, and will be returning about that much worth, but I got my money's worth already. I got the denim duvet cover to turn into a slipcover to match my other slipcover. I got the cherry printed makeup-case to keep Chick's babydoll clothes in (she loves it). The pink jumper doesn't look like much, but it is seriously cute & will be Chick's Easter dress next year. Not pictured is another duvet cover that we have plans to repurpose & I may blog about at a later date. For my own record keeping, here's the initial stats on the shopping:
15 items purchased (& kept)
$46.86 spent
average cost (for now) $3.12

Saturday, rather than going camping, we stayed home to be productive... and we actually WERE. I'll be posting before and after pics when we get to "after," but clearing the downstairs has been quite a project. I might have mentioned that we cleared out 6 old printers a week or so ago...this weekend HH cut up & disposed of 7 mattresses that were down there. We did a ton of organizing & clearing and cleaning. Not done yet, though, so stay tuned. I have begun to plan out how I want to have it--it'll be a playroom/schoolroom? area.

Sunday we went down to Orting to Erin's baby blessing & luncheon, which was really fun. Little S is her fourth boy, and they are cuties, let me tell you. It was fun to see them--they're far enough away that visits are rare. Thank goodness for blogs.

Monday was Muffin Tin Monday--zucchini bread, cantaloupe, chicken, cheese, grapes, & choc chip cookie (see MTM details here).

Monday was hot. Too too hot, and these little girls melted into puddles of tantrums and fussiness. And mama was cranky, if the truth be told. But the two movies that I wanted to see (Harry Potter 6 & The Proposal) were the double feature at the drive-in nearby, so we set up the travel crib & some chairs & enjoyed the neither-hot-nor-cool night air & the great movies (I enjoyed them both & look forward to seeing them again). It was a really fun break for all of us, even if we didn't get home until 2 am!

Today HH is home & we haven't done much of anything. We have fans going, and the curtains drawn, and we're all sitting around practically in our skivvies drinking smoothies and eating cold chicken. The downstairs is perfectly cool and comfortable, but not cleaned up enough to hang out down there, really.

(Monkey in her skivvies)


Katie said...

we sit around in our skivvies all the time, lol. :) Actually trying to stop that habit, but when it's so hot and humid, you melt in anything else. I was never able to go the the drive in over there, I'm glad you had fun! I look forward to your "after" posts!

nikko said...

I always like to see what you find thrifting. :o)

With my luck, I'd be eaten alive by mosquitoes at a drive in. LOL.

Annalia Romero said...

Ug...now I'm picturing your whole family in their skivies! J/K!

Hey, my dad's store is called the Beez Neez!

Come visit me. My house is air conditioned, and my favorite Italian place claims to be getting Gelato tomorrow.

Come soon - or week after next. Next week is sewing camp, and, although you'd be welcome to join the craziness, you'd have to sleep on the couch (and be in a house with 14 children).

Annalia Romero said...

hey! are you coming tomorrow? I'd call and harass you, but I don't have your number...just your address.

(yes, that was a veiled threat of invasion.)