Thursday, July 9, 2009

To buy or not to buy....

I don't like our hand-me-down entertainment center. It's kinda ugly, for one, but my biggest complaints are 1) It's almost all open so it always looks cluttered because you can see everything in it, and 2) Several of the shelves don't have backing on them, so you have to be careful to not push things out on to the floor in the back.

I've been looking for a cute, inexpensive armoire so that I'll have a tidier look--something that closes all up to hide the tv & entertainment gear.

K, so I found this armoire on craigslist. I keep going back and forth on whether to get it, so I'm making a pros & cons list. You can comment on whether you'd get it if you were me.

  • Gorgeous
  • Nice quality solid wood
  • my style & right color
  • comes with matching tables--nicer room overall
  • Great price ($200 set)
  • Taller than I'd like ideally (limits the possibly positioning)
  • Has an open shelf that still might look cluttered?...
  • We aren't wild about having a coffee
  • Recessed tabletops look trickier to clean
  • Might be hard to transport home due to size
  • I could get more essential home improv. stuff with the $


Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

I love it!! It took us a while to buy a new armoire for our tv as well, but it was well worth the investment. You can leave it open or close it depending on how you want it. The one open shelf you can decorate it and display cute pictures of the family! My vote it yes!

Annalia Romero said...

Cute. Yes. Open shelf is good for books or whatever accessories strike your fancy.

Coffee tables are a great place to color and/or play with toy trains.

Our little family said...

I vote yes too. We got an armoire off craigslist also with doors. it's great to be able to shut the tv and electronics away and have a nice piece of furniture. I agree that coffee tables can be good for a lot of play time.

Sarah said...

A big thumbs up! I love the idea of shutting away your tv when you want to. Good deal, too.