Sunday, October 28, 2012

Showered with double the love

Back in September the gals in my family threw a shower for me and the babies.  It was really fun. We played games (that I did poorly at, but enjoyed anyhow), ate a yummy rich chocolate dessert, and of course admired the babies.  Owl and Otter got some fun new clothes and things, which I am really excited about! 

The outfits that they are wearing were a gift from our wonderful neighbor, Sharon.  They are one of my favorite sets : )

My sister Melinda gave the babies darling Halloween costumes, which we had fun trying out on them : )  you'll see more of them when I get caught up and can post Halloween pictures!

DSCN6329 (640x480)

DSCN6331 (640x507)

I didn't get a picture of my Mom or my sister Judy, but here's everyone else...

DSCN6322 (470x640)
Owl smiling at cousin Emily. 
Emily was a bit of a baby hog,
but it's ok because she's expecting a baby of her own
and needed a bit of baby time : ) 
Plus they matched.

DSCN6323 (456x640)
Otter with cousin Katie

DSCN6324 (457x640)
Otter with Aunt Marlene

DSCN6325 (470x640)
Otter with Aunt Melinda

DSCN6326 (459x640)
Owl with Aunt Laura

Thanks for the love and support, everyone!

DSCN6332_cropped (800x399)
I forget that I'm so short.
All pictured here except for Melinda


Annalia said...

Sweet! I remember my family baby showers fondly.

Admit it, you were sitting down. ;)

Anonymous said...

It was girls don't get together often enough.