Sunday, November 11, 2012

Double the Blessings

DSCN6452 (640x480)
(the coordinated pacifiers were just a happy coincidence)
Owl and Otter were blessed at the end of September.
To be honest, I was pretty stressed leading up to it, because I'd procrastinated making the dresses mostly.  I also had planned to have a housecleaning service come clean the house for me, and then wasn't able to get them scheduled in time.  Also I got sick the week before.
All that said, I think that it was the nicest blessing day of all of the kids.  The stress continued up until we got to church ...late... and they had to switch around the meeting to do the blessing after the passing of the sacrament rather than before (with all of our visiting family looking around anxiously..."where are they?!"). 
But then the blessings were beautiful, and after that I enjoyed everything.
A funny thing about the blessings.  First of all, I can hardly remember any of either one...trying to remember one blessing is sometimes hard enough...two is too much for my tired brain!  But I had my sister tape it for me (hopefully she hasn't taped over it, since I haven't gotten it from her yet).  I know some feel that taping a blessing is taboo, but I'm ok with it in this situation.  Anyhow, the funny thing is that during Owl's blessing Fox called her Julia.  It's her middle name, but there's never been any discussion about CALLING her that, and he's never called her that before or since.  He denied it and says he doesn't remember calling her that...I think he just likes to give people something to wonder about ; )

DSCN6420 (640x480)
When Mr. Fox saw this he said that he looks old and tired. 
I will admit that these few months have helped us both to FEEL old and tired,
but I still think he's a handsome devil.

Anyhow, then we finished out the meetings and everyone headed to our house for a luncheon.  There were Grandma and Grandpa J, Grandma and Grandpa N, my sister Laura, Fox's uncle Mark, and my sister Judy + family.  It was a much smaller group than for the others, but the food was delicious, the conversation interesting, and the happiness abundant (at least for me).

DSCN6436 (640x480)
LOVE this picture of Owl with my goofy nephew Ben : )
DSCN6409 (640x480)
Grandpa and Grandma N
DSCN6407 (640x480)
Grandpa and Grandma J

Anyhow, the dresses.  I completely revised my plans for the dresses, because I'd procrastinated sewing them.  I decided to go with a simple shirred-top dress style.  I didn't use a pattern, and I made the dresses from an eyelet bedskirt that I'd bought at a yard sale for $1.  I love repurposing : )  Anyhow, I am happy with how they turned out, though they weren't as quick and easy as I'd expected.  And they aren't even the same, because I did one and then tried to improve upon it for the second.  There are things that I like better in one, and things that I like better in the other.  But I am happy with how both turned out.

DSCN6463 (640x480)
Dresses with matching headbands and booties.

DSCN6458 (640x480)
matching booties that didn't stay on well,
but were super adorable anyhow.

DSCN6443 (480x640)
I know this isn't the best picture, but it shows Otter in her dress.
I love the sweet, innocent feel of white eyelet.

A note about the colors for the dresses:  I love both colors.  I kind of felt like the peachy color was more "Otter" and the bluer one was more "Owl"...but I don't want to type cast the babies before they've even had a chance to say what they when it was time to get them dressed I just grabbed a baby without looking to see who it was, and I grabbed a dress, and that was that.  But it was contrary to how I had originally thought to do I was confused for a lot of the day trying to remember.
It's enough to have to identify someone based on their clothing, but to have to go through the thought process of "that one is wearing peach, which I had in mind for Otter but today they are switched, so that is Owl" ...well, it's exhausting.  And I'd stayed up late making baby booties and headbands, and was recovering from being sick, so my thought process was a bit sluggish anyhow!  Long story short, I need to hurry up and get the babies' ears pierced, and when I do it, I need to make sure the earrings are what I really think fits that baby and not worry about it! sheesh.

DSCN6450 (640x480)
I suppose it fits that Otter had the more watery color
and Owl had the more tree-ish color.  Right?
How much can I read into things?
wanna come over-analyse things with me?
Anyhow,  lunch was very nice and low-key, and then it was over and everyone left and I got to take a nap : )  and we ate leftovers for dinner.

the end.

DSCN6433 (640x480)
Otter Pop.
DSCN6431 (480x640)


Heather, Rex, etc. said...

You are so amazingly talented. I cannot believe you made the dresses and accessories WITHOUT A PATTERN! By the way, I cannot even understand patterns. Or sewing machines. You are my hero.

Annalia said...

Cute dresses! Sewing without patterns is the best!
Big events like that are always stressful for me too.

Anonymous said...

Was searching for a GF's blog with twins and came across yours. Started reading and loved the clothes you've made for your girls.

I came across your post about making the decision to go and having your dd's ears pierced soon. Hope you don't mind me leaving a comment, but I did our g/g twins at that age and they did fine. I think you were a smart and thoughtful mommy for piercing your girl ears early. Everyone will know their names associated with their earrings. It worked perfectly for us too. Our ped encouraged me to go ahead early and gave me some suggestions for moms having their dd's ears pierced.

Congrats on making a thoughtful decision on behalf of your dd's
ears. They'll look adorable with some itty bitty bling in their ears. I think babies with earrings are the cutest things. Little
earrings celebrates their femininity and femaleness. After all, they are little girls.

Promise your girls will thank you later for the "gift of pierced ears" as an infant. If you'd like any of our ped’s tips for moms having their dd's ears pierc3ed, then don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail.

P.S They'll look adorable in their upcoming holiday pictusres with little esrrings :)

nikko said...

Cute, cute dresses! I think you did a great job on them. You are so brave do do such important (blessing day!!!) dresses without a pattern!

Okay. I am so confused. I can't keep them straight. I know their real names, I know their blog names, and they look EXACTLY the same. LOL. Glad it's not just me. ;o)

I love eyelet!