Monday, October 22, 2012

Twins: the good, bad, and in between

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, but haven't had a chance.

But this morning I found out that my SIL Katie is expecting TWINS!  I'm so excited for her!!!  So I thought that it was the perfect day to write this post.

My favorite thing about having twins: when they are hungry they suck on each other.  Seriously it makes me giggle EVERY TIME.  Here's a little video, not the best, but the only one that I have.  And I love saying, "Don't eat your sister!"

My least favorite thing about having twins: equality.  favoritism.  If they aren't dressed alike (which is most of the time, since I only have a few matchy-matchy outfits), then who gets the outfit that I think is cuter?  They're both crying, who do I pick up if it can't be both?  etc.  There are a lot of these little questions that crop up throughout the day, and it drives me crazy that I have to analyze whether I'm showing favoritism (which would just be superficial, since I don't have a favorite child at all).
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What I'm undecided about: being a celebrity wherever I go.  Seriously, EVERYONE is interested in twin babies.  Sometimes I like the attention.  It also helps restore my faith in people-- like when some grumpy-looking man comes over and is in awe of them and is cooing.  That's pretty neat.  But sometimes I just want to buy my groceries and get out of the store, rather than chatting with strangers.

010 (640x480)
They were pretty interested in the camera...Owl (R) is always especially captivated by it.
And since I mentioned Owl specifically, I need to also say that Otter went CRAZY for my sister's cat (as did's an especially awesome cat). 

ME as a mama of twins: if I'm out and about with just one of the babies, and someone is admiring her, I almost always feel the need to say that she is a twin.  Somehow it's not ok to let her be admired just for their own cuteness, but also for the fact that there's another cute one at home.  (4 more cute ones, actually, but not all babies).
Now that I've written that, I realize that it is wrong to not let that baby shine by herself for a I'll try to stop doing it.

012 (640x480)

And as far as baby updates go:  they've grown out of the small newborn clothes that they've been wearing, and are into 0-3 month clothes now.  I'll find out weights next week.  They are smiling and cooing a lot more, and like to look around and stand (assisted of course) and try to do sit-ups.  They sleep pretty well--sometimes Owl sleeps through the night, but most of the time they each wake up once in the night.


Anonymous said...

They are so stinking are A, B, and C (I love being able to do that). Why do we constantly analyze everything. I spent so much time feeling bad for number two when number three was too soon after. Felt like Id jipped him of babyhood...silly cause it was his personal life experience and Heavenly Father knew he could handle it. I didnt like the attention your little bundles inspired when shopping either...hello...personal bubble!! The cat is pretty cool.

Katie said...

Aww, so sweet. Thanks for posting this! I'm excited too. We'll have lots of little babies to play together! But now I'm debating if coming back to the US next summer is going to be doable... only if I have another adult flying with me! I know there is no way I could do it on my own!

Annalia said...

Funny! You are definitely over-thinking some of that...but being concerned about all of those things is probably what makes you such a great mom.

I think I would hate all of the attention from strangers. Yesterday, the lady cutting Jon's hair asked how many kids I had (only 2 with me), and I nearly told her to mind her own beezwax. Then I remember who was holding the scissors....

nikko said...

So fun to keep up with you and hear about your take on the twins. It sounds like things are going well. I know what you mean about attention from others. I get, "Are they all yours? Are they all boys?" ALL THE TIME. Annoying. Yes. They are all boys. Can't you see? ;o)