Thursday, October 11, 2012

Muddling through

A woman that I correspond with for work wrote in an email (in response to seeing our most recent family picture):

"You must be VERY busy all the time.  I don't know how you do it...."

I responded, "I rarely feel like I'm "keeping up"... but I try to remind myself that it doesn't matter. Happy kids do, but a messy house doesn't. It's pretty hard when I have layout--I was up until 3 last night working-- but a couple of friends came and helped with kids and cleaning today while I got a nap : ) I guess that's really the only way that I muddle through...with lots of help."

And it's true.  Thank you Becky R. and Shannon. 

And thank you to all of the other helpers.  (this is not an exhaustive list...please don't be sad if you are not mentioned specifically.  I DO still appreciate you!)

Thank you to our neighbor Landon and his Mama who walk Chick to the bus stop in the morning so that I don't have to pack everyone out at 8:20 a.m.  and thank you to all of our other great neighbors (especially Sharon) for being understanding and kind with my children.

Thank you to Aunt Diana and Mom for taking the kids as much as you do (they love the time with you!).

Thank you Heidi and Judy for email support (and occasional phone calls) when I need to vent.

Thank you Becky J. for pinning hilarious stuff on pinterest, because often your pins give me a much needed laugh at the end of a potentially hard day.

Thank you Maria K, Shannon, Becky R, Kira, for continuing to come help (and helping me to feel ok about it.  I wish I was able to keep up with my life by now, but thanks for not making me feel bad that I'm not).

And thank you to my visiting teachers, who have given me great perspective:

Becky R-- "You look fantastic!  Your body has had five babies in just over five years!" (I hadn't thought of it like that, and now I remind myself of it when I start to feel discouraged.  That is a pretty awesome accomplishment)

Heidi-- "I think you're doing great if you get out of the house with a bra on most of the time."  (Finally, a set of requirements that I can actually live up to! Hooray for success!)


Annalia said...

Sometimes you just have to realize all of the awesome things you DO and ignore the things you DON'T. :)
I think you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

I know of few people who wouldn't struggle with the load you have...trying to think if I know anyone who wouldnt...

S.Ann said...
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S.Ann said...

Paige is awesome! She fixed my profile picture. Love You.