Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quick post about baby prep

K, so I'm totally supposed to be working on this month's layout...I neglect my blog all month but as soon as I'm supposed to be doing layout I swear my blog calls me like a siren song.
Anyhow, last weekend all three of the kids went to my parents' house and I worked on baby stuff:  I mostly got the hospital bag packed, I revised the birth plan, I spray painted the rocking chair for the nursery, I washed/folded/organized the baby clothes, and I cleaned my house.  It was fabulous. {Sadly the house cleaning was undone within 24 hours of the kids' return}
This week I've worked on getting a few more things into the hospital bag, gotten the cleaned covers back on the infant seats & got them into the minivan (just typing that word makes me feel like I've "arrived" as a mom, lol).  I hung two new picture frames in the hallway (and repositioned the existing three frames to accomodate the new ones). 
And today my sister and my Mom came to help.  My Mom watched the kids while my sister, Judy, and I painted stripes on one of the walls in the nursery.  My sister also moved the lockers out of the nursery & into the spare room, and the dresser out of the spare room & into the living room (it needs refinished before it can go into the nursery).  Here's a picture of the wall, though I'm going to be adding black scroll squigglies on the edges of the stripes so it's not the finished product.  The rocking chair is also there, but I'll be distressing the edges a bit, so that's not the finished product either (but won't it be cute with a little coral-pink cushion?!!).

striped nursery wall

Also today, I burned the labor CD.  Here's the playlist:

Canon in D {Pachelbel}
Make you Feel my Love {Adele}
Dream a Little Dream of Me {The Mamas & The Papas}
Ode to Joy {Beethoven}
What a Wonderful World {Louis Armstrong}
Let it Be Me {The Everly Brothers}
Stand By Me {Ben E. King}
Turandot: Nessun Dorma {Pavarotti}
La Vie En Rose {Louis Armstrong}
Stai Con Me {Raf}
(it's possible that I'll just have Canon in D on repeat...I've listened to it repeating for labor before...soothing and somewhat trance-like because it's so repetitive)

I'm hoping that having done the daunting striped wall (which wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected, but that's probably because my sister did most of the work) it'll help me have momentum to do the other little painting things in there & then get busy on sewing the crib bedding/curtains/etc etc etc.

Today I'm 31 weeks  (so somewhere between 5-9 weeks left, hopefully).  I'm happy to have had such a relatively healthy pregnancy thus far...but I always feel like bedrest or preterm labor is looming.  I hope not, because I still have so much to do.  I'm trying to get the essentials done first: like the birth plan & hospital bag.  If the nursery doesn't get done it won't be the end of the world, since the babies will be in our room for a while anyhow.  Though, of course, having the nursery all done and pretty would be nice.


Bridget said...

I hope your labor only lasts as long as your CD. The wall looks good, too.

Denise said...

I love Nessun Dorma. Never thought about it for a labor song- good choice!

S.Ann said...

Since I have no journal or Blog to revive my aging memory I don't know when you were due exactly. But it was right before Christmas
(21-23). I have vivid memories thou of my To-Do list. One thru ten was to have the Christmas gifts ready and wrapped for six older children.Then came hospital bag & food preps. Up until Christmas morning I had no expectations for being home for Christmas. That was a great surprise when I awoke Christmas. Then as soon as dinner was over and I laid down to rest, you said,
"My turn". You were a very accommidating baby & very much like a new Christmas doll.

nikko said...

You have a labor CD? Wow. That's really cool.

Good job getting everything done. YOu are being so productive! Can't wait to see you soon!

Annalia said...

Wow! Your wall looks great! You are getting tons that in preparation for potentially getting nothing (other than raising babies) for the next year or so? :)