Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day?

Copy of 2005

I knew that Father's Day was coming up.  No, really I did.  I bought a t-shirt to decorate with the kids probably two weeks in advance. 

But I know I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again: I have pregnancy brain.  These darn babies are taking EVERYTHING I've got, apparently...including my brainpower.

So I forget things.  Like Father's day.  Not entirely, mind did keep popping back in.  Unfortunately intermittently. On the Sunday before FD they announced it in church, and I audibly gasped.  Really?!  How did it sneak up on me?

Two days before the day I remembered again...and I had to apologize to HH, because I doubted that I could get his gift done in time.  His reply was so great:

"Paige, how long does it take to make root beer floats?  Seriously, it shouldn't take a week of preparing."

ahhh, I love that guy.

And then on Saturday I gave him my debit card so that he could take the kids to the grocery store and buy the root beer and ice cream, because I'm super nice like that.  And I'd planned to make him a dinner that I know he likes a lot, but I forgot to put a key ingredient on his shopping list ; )  and so we just had a last minute thrown together meal.  Happy Father's Day, indeed.

He fared better than my Dad, though-- I couldn't call when I remembered to do so, and forgot at all the right times.  He got a belated phone call the next morning.

Which was my MIL's birthday, who I also forgot to call!  (but don't worry, Mama J: now you'll get you belated Mother's day gift AND your belated birthday gift...I'm just prolonging the anticipation.  Maybe you can just pick them up off my kitchen counter when you come up to meet the new grandbabies later this summer?)

And that, my friends, is how we roll these days.  I'm totally going to stick with blaming D & E
{who at this moment are trying to break free from my belly and it looks like I have an alien (or vampire?) inside me.  I love long as they don't REALLY break free}.

(BTW, I saw yesterday where someone named her new twin girls Andromeda & Persephone.  I might have spelled them wrong, but I'm sure I won't be the only one.)


Annalia said...

Does that make your names feel boring?

Our Father's Day was similar and I don't have any double-pregnancy (or single) excuse.

I did make a nice dinner...and the next day we were all, "Here's the awesome card we forgot to give you yesterday."

nikko said...

It's so true. Guys don't really care about all the stuff that we think we want to do for them. They just want root beer floats. :o) Awesome lesson for all of us who try to overthink things.