Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The most current stats and projects

Last week I had four appointments in three days.  At 32 weeks, here's what I learned:

Both babies are doing fine. 
They have similar fluid levels. 
They measure 4#3oz and 4#5oz, which is right on track. 
Baby E is now head down, which was a big surprise to me.
No signs of preterm labor.

Appt with Nurse-Midwife Sally:
I've gained about 15 pounds thus far.
My measurement was 42.  I might have gotten that big with Moose, since he was a big boy and he went overdue by 9 days...but I'm getting into uncharted measurements.
Blood pressure is still healthy, but up a little bit from my normal.
Sally thinks I'll probably go until 38 weeks or so, but is hopeful that the babies will be upper 6 pounds, rather than over 7 pounds because sometimes when the uterus gets that big then it's so stretched out and doesn't work quite right during labor...it kinda gets freaked out.
I turned in my birth plan, which she went over.  Every single thing on there got a response like, "Yes, that's good/reasonable/understandable...BUT"  and then she'd explain what could go wrong and why they might toss out the birth plan and do some other horrible sounding thing.  I KNOW things might not go according to my ideal...I don't need to be told about it with each visit so that I leave feeling worried about things that aren't now and may not ever be a real concern.

Hospital Tour:
Everyone else on the tour was having their first baby.  Then there was HH and I with our three kids and expecting twins and having never been in the hospital.  I bet the other soon-to-be-parents were glad to only have ONE upcoming child.
The hospital looks nice enough, and the birth suite was comfy.  Too bad I won't get to deliver there...the O.R. didn't look nearly as soothing.

My first NST:
I'm sure they serve a good purpose, but it felt like a waste of time. But the babies passed, and were pretty good about letting their heartrates be found.
I'll have these weekly...the only scheduling for twins is during the weekday, and it takes about 2 hours...which means that I can't have my husband home to stay with the kids and I can't take them with me.  So it may be a "non-stress" for the babies, but definitely a "stress" for me.

We went down to Seattle yesterday for my sister's graduation from Bastyr (way to go, Laura!) and there was traffic at 12:30...so maybe I should just plan on traffic no matter what time I start labor.

HH and I have been working on the nursery: 
He installed a new light fixture
HH is working on repainting (he'd used flat paint when he did it last time and I can already tell that it'll be a horrible mess within days of people actually using the room...so I lovingly and certainly not naggingly asked him to redo it all in a better finish.
I painted the closet door trim, the back of the bedroom door, and the bedroom door trim in the coral pink of the striped wall.
HH rehung the door, using new black hinges and doorknob.
I refinished the dresser (which turned out so great and I can't wait to show you!), the frames, a little shelf, and a little thing with hooks on it.
I printed out a picture of the Salt Lake Temple that I found for free online.  Before printing I altered some of the colors so that they match the coral better.
Pictures will be forthcoming, but first the painting has to be finished and carpet needs to go in...then I can start moving things in and getting situated.

This week is a sewing week (as soon as I get off the couch): 
A couple of alterations of things that SHOULD fit me until the end (including a little cotton dress for the birth and the most fantastic maxi-dress that my sister Judy helped me to pin to shorten in the back...I might just wear it every Sunday from here on out...maybe even every other day too, since it is awfully comfortable),
crib sheets, bumper, ruffle crib skirt
rocking chair cushion and ruffled pillow
diaper stacker
ruffle curtains
blessing dresses (yeah, they still aren't finished)

I don't know how much of that will actually get done, but that's the focus for the week...and thankfully I don't have much scheduled this week so maybe I will actually do some of it.

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jon & kira said...

I can't imagine having that much baby in me! I am so happy for you that so far your pregnancy has gone well. And you've only gained 15 pounds?! You are amazing. I can't believe how much you're getting done and you're pregnant with TWINS. Now I feel super lazy because I feel like I get nothing done and I chalk it up to having three kids...you've inspired me to get some projects done! I bet I have the same temple picture printed out. I found two online and printed one of each to put in my kids' rooms (one for each room). Let me know when I can babysit for you again!