Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh, you know, the usual...just trying to catch up (lots of've been warned)

I think I neglected to post pictures of the 4th of July...

DSCN8606 (640x480)
DSCN8605 (480x640)
DSCN8618 (480x640)
DSCN8600 (640x480)
...and random pictures from the summer...

DSCN8583 (480x640)
She went to swimming lessons with a cape on.
Uncle Mike's train is always a treat!
Mr. Fox took the kids to a street fair and a new superhero was discovered.
Ding Dong cake for my dad's birthday
(picture of him wouldn't upload...I tried several times)
It was super delicious, but the white filling should have been even thicker
A total goof with her own sense of style.
Chick wore these boots for two years, I think.
I finally told her that they had to be thrown away.
Seriously, she cried in her room for half an hour.
We got together with some of Fox's friends from his pre-marriage days.  Clearly they've been as busy as we have!  It was fun...the kids got to know each other running around the playground, and then we went for ice cream at Sub Zero (super awesome!)
Otter learned to scowl, and did it often
but she seems to have outgrown that phase.
It was pretty funny while it lasted.
The older three kids all took swimming lessons. 
Moose's was a parent assisted class (though in this picture he's with his teacher). 
He wasn't very willing to participate, and I regretted putting him in...
maybe he'll be more ready next year.
It was a Loooooong time coming, but I finally made my magnet menu board!
oh, to be a twin.
...and the first day of school...

DSCN9312 (427x640)
DSCN9323 (427x640)
...and random Fall days...
DSCN9331 (427x640)
DSCN9353 (480x640)
DSCN9356 (640x480)
DSCN9359 (640x480)
I remember being treated like a doll...I guess it's the role of the last child.
DSCN9368 (427x640)
DSCN9725 (640x416)
Fossil cookies for pre-K.
And the bones on the tray were from polymer clay. 
The bones were buried in sand for an excavation project.
Autumn cookies for pre-K.
We got to attend E's baptism and birthday dinner.  Nice cake, Kayla!
...and from Halloween...

DSCN9662 (640x457)
DSCN9667 (427x640)
Owl and Otter wore the same costumes as last year!
Last time they were a little big, this time they were a little small.
DSCN9671 (427x640)

Halloween lunch.  Trail mix toilet paper bats,
jack-o-satsumas, a Mummy juice box, and a themed zbar.
...and Thanksgiving.
Jude did a fantastic job on the kids table.  They had a great time...
well, we all did, but only the kids are pictured.
Monkey, on her Thanksgiving birthday, with the amazing quilt that Grandma J made! 
I'm totally going to steal it from her one of these days ; )
Birthday cake #1.
The other night I played hookie from life (and a meeting) and took a bath (with a mug of hot chocolate, the last few chapters of a book, and a notepad).  I wrote down my New Years Resolutions.  One is to blog once a week (most likely it'll be every Sunday evening).  Lately I seem to only have blogged about parties and the little "photoshoots" of the kids, and have totally neglected all of the special little day-to-day moments.  I have a terrible memory, and I don't want to forget this beautiful time in my life, so I plan to work on blogging more.  Starting today (since I already have my list all written and all).

And for your  viewing pleasure: a dance presentation by Chick, Monkey, and Moose.  I had a good laugh watching it...this is from early November...pretty cute of all three : )



Annalia said...

Tell Chick I feel her pain. I'm still in mourning for my grey ankle boots.

nikko said...

I'm trying to be better at blogging, too. It's hard to carve out the time. I love your catchall post!