Monday, December 9, 2013

Fairy Party: Part 3 (Fun and Games)

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Ok, now for the really fun stuff: the games and kids!

Let me introduce you to my friend, Shannon.  She is Monkey's Sunday School teacher.  When she first moved to the area I was almost due with the twins, and after they were born she came over to help a lot. And she's just such a nice person that she volunteered to come help at Monkey's party.  And she's so cool that she wore wings and fancy fairy-like clothing with fun shoes!  (I provided a head wreath for her). 

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And I've mentioned my friend Jill.  She's Monkey's Pre-K teacher.  She also taught Chick, back in the day.  Plus she's my friend. She's fantastic.  She came to drop off her daughter and nephew, and ended up staying to help.  She took most of the pictures.

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I couldn't have made it through without both of these fantastic ladies!  Thank you, Jill and Shannon!!!!

The first thing that the kids did upon arrival was to get their costumes on.  I had accidentally told Fox that we only needed three bow and arrow sets, when we actually needed four.  So Moose didn't get one...but actually it was probably for the best.  He was the youngest,  and is often too rambunctious and aggressive so I think I'm glad that he didn't have his own.

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Once dressed, the kids went on a fairy hunt (I'd hidden the pipe cleaner dolls around the room).

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I know this is blurry and doesn't show her face...
but I really like this one of Miss C hunting for her fairy.

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Then they came one at a time to get their faces painted.

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Once they'd all found their fairies (or elves) and were all suited up, they played "Fairy, Fairy, Troll" (the fairy version of "Duck, Duck, Goose."  They were supposed to fly rather than run.).  Shannon directed that game (I was painting faces and Jill was doing the individual pictures on the stump), and they played it for a while.  Chick said that was her favorite part of the party.
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Next we played "Fairy Circle" (the fairy version of "Musical Chairs").  It was set to a soundtrack of Enya : )

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DSCN9949 (640x427)
Eliminated onlookers
DSCN9950 (640x427)
down to the final two.

Then I got out a bottle of "pixie dust."  Not the little little bottles that the kids got (theirs had Pixie Stix Powder inside), but a bigger bottle with fine glitter.  I explained that if they made a wish using the pixie dust then maybe their wish would come true.  So I sprinkled a little into their hands, and we all turned around and blew three times.  I hope some of their wishes come true.

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Then we ate.  And sang.  And ate some more.  (This was Moose's favorite part).

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Monkey's favorite part was after we ate...she got to open presents.  She got really awesome presents.

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Fairy Shannon glows : )
After the presents we still had a few minutes, so we played "Fairy Freeze" (freeze when the music stops) for a little while.  Then they just looked at the presents and whatnot.  I got out Monkey's pop-up book to try to calm things down (though they weren't super crazy or anything...but I didn't want it to escalate, you know).  It was fairly stressful reading the pop-up book though...I said, "Remember no touching" and "Everybody sit back down" on repeat through the "reading" of it.

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Then they got their bottles of pixie dust and it was done.  Really it was all a blur for me, but looking back at the pictures was fun.  Lots of happiness and cuteness.  They are a good group of kids. 

I asked Monkey if she was happy with the party, and she said, "Yes, it was just like I planned it to be."  ha ha!  Glad it worked out for her ; )

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Jill said...

It was an amazing party Paige! I was glad to have invited myself :). The birthday girl was/is beautiful.

nikko said...

So pretty!