Monday, December 9, 2013

Fairy Party: Part 2 (decor and edibles)

I don't even know where to start, so I'll share some pictures of the decorations.  I reused decoration from other parties (I love doing that...then I can justify buying or making them in the first place), threw in a TON of silk flowers (everywere!), and then made a few "fairy" specific decorations (some of which were shown in my last post).  This party was definitely a stash buster, so it barely cost anything, but was my most elaborate party so far.

The pixie dust bottles were attached to branches in a vase (from the woodland wedding party that I threw for my sister).  The blue tulle is from my wedding.

DSCN9833 (640x427)

Each outfit set was arranged on the piano.  I also did little "bio" cards for each outfit.  It had a fairy or elf name and told about them.  Like "I comfort lost animals" and "I live in bramble bushes" and "I can only be seen at dusk."  I didn't take a picture of any of the cards, but maybe I'll find the ones that went with my kids' costumes and put it on later. 

DSCN9830 (427x640)

The bunting/banner thing was so cute...and free!  My friend had the images already on her computer (she compiled them from google), so I just picked which ones I wanted.  Her husband works at a print shop and has to do test prints anyhow, so he printed the pictures for me.  So nice.  All I had to do was cut them all out and string them up (using what I already had to string them).  And he did enough that I actually had three banners (one large, one medium, and one smaller), so it really added a lot to the décor.  (Thank you, Jill & Daniel!!)

DSCN9980 (640x427)
The framed mirror, birdhouse, and wreath are all my usual décor.
I just added flowers, tissue-paper covered baby food jar "votives"
(from the woodland wedding party), and the banner.
I love the fairies by Mary Cecily Barker...they are by far the cutest fairies out there.  (I won't go too into it, but I'm not a big Disney Fan, and I don't like that a lot of the fairies are so scantily clad.  Barker's fairies are beautiful and appropriate, IMO).  For her birthday Monkey got the most amazing pop-up book that has Mary Cecily Barker's fairies in it...I wish it was my book, it is so wonderful!

Anyhow, I digress.  I hung my fabric strip ceiling dé third time using it.  This time I added white strand lights, and a few flowers here and there.  It definitely bumps up the party atmosphere. (I'm considering making another in a different color scheme...for Chick's upcoming party).

DSCN9871 (427x640)


In the food area, there were two tables at which the kids could sit and eat. Our usual kids table plus a card table.  Both tables had silk flower centerpieces, with leaf placemats that I made.  I used a microsuede thrift store sheet for the fabric...super soft and dreamy.  I may have stroked it a bit while sewing : )  My free-motion skills are definitely lacking, but thankfully on a project like this it's ok to have a lot of imperfections.

The big table had toadstool covers on the little stools, and I LOVE them.  The only took a few minutes to make, and when I put them down (in the already decorated space) they made the whole room come alive.  They are made from thrifted stretchy fuzzyish fabric.  I have a ton leftover, too, so maybe there will be a little red riding hood in our Halloween future....

DSCN9842 (640x427)

My friend (Jill, the one with the printer husband) likes to go to yard sales.  So towards the end of the summer I asked her to keep an eye out for a few things, and she picked up six teacup and saucer sets.  My Mom and sister picked up a few more at the thrift store. 

Clear plates, to not distract from the leafiness of the placemats, and simple flower napkin rings (made by my friend Megan, while I did some photoshop work for her).

DSCN9861 (427x640)
The card table had a brown cover on it with flowers on the edge to keep the fabric from hanging down too much.

Hanging above was wedding tulle and woodland wedding fabric strips, with silk flowers.  In the corner was a branch that Fox cut and brought in for me.

DSCN9841 (427x640)

And of course, the serving table with the food and cake.  Mr. Fox cut wood rounds that served as platters.  These pictures were taken before I'd added the smaller 2" trunk pieces that lifted up the wood rounds.  The center "cake stand" has an empty can as the base...wrapped in sheet moss and flowers glued around the bottom edge.  (Megan assembled that for me, too).

DSCN9840 (427x640)
You can see the rooster "Winner" outside...
the kids were very entertained to see a rooster in the window.

We had "twigs" (stick pretzels), "fairy berries" (strawberries and raspberries, my friend Shannon donated'll hear more about her in the next post), "toadstools" (apple and string cheese), and "acorns" (Hershey's kisses with mini nilla wafers).  Oh, and the best hot chocolate ever (my three kids didn't care for can you NOT like milk, cream, sweetened condensed milk, and melted chocolate?!!  The adults were all in heaven....)

DSCN9976 (640x427)

DSCN9978 (640x427)
DSCN9867 (427x640)

And cake.
I'm happy with how the cake turned out.  At first I was disappointed a was good enough, but not as amazing as my "inspiration" cakes on pinterest.  But I consoled myself with the knowledge that I am not a professional baker...I've never even taken a class at the craft store.  Later I was looking at it and decided that it's actually a cute cake. Pinterest be darned ; )

DSCN9975 (427x640)
So that's the food and décor.  Post #3 will have the actual party!  Cute little kids everywhere!  Stay tuned.