Friday, September 23, 2011

Retro Style

Ok, you all know that I love having excuses to dress in costumes and/or dress my kids in costumes/coordinating outfits.  I'm sure you can imagine my elation when I was invited to my future niece-in-law's bridal shower and it was
50's Retro Themed!!  Costumes encouraged!
Well, I immediately started putting costumes together, of course!

Chick was the poodleskirt teeny-bopper.
Monkey was the 50's glamour girl.
I was the 50's housewife.

Chick's costume:
ponytail with ribbon tied on it, white t-shirt & socks, chiffon fabric tied as neck scarf, cats eye sunglasses (thrift store, $2), Pink Ladies jacket (thrift store, $4?  I don't remember the price....), Poodleskirt (thrift store, Grandma found it and bought it).

Monkey's costume:
clip-on earrings & necklace (thrift store, $2), vintage hat - gloves - purse (from my costume trunk), dress: refashioned from a women's skirt (thrift store, $1) with chiffon fabric as a sash.  Pettiskirts underneath.

My costume:
hairnet and ribbon, pearl earrings & necklace, gloves, 3/4 sleeve sweater, crinoline (all of which I had already), skirt (thrifted, $1), apron (homemade).  I made up my own pattern for the apron, but it didn't turn out quite the way that I'd hoped, so I'll have to make another...someday. 

My friend, Tamie, is a theater gal, and helped me know how to style my hair and makeup. 
I think it was a success.

Anyhow, it was fun to see how other people dressed, and it was fun to play themed games!  Some showers don't do games, and sometimes that's fun, but I love me a well-planned theme. 

(I also love the circles on the doors, windows, & fireplace.  Great job, Maren!)

(Maren, the Hostess)

My girls really liked the mother of the bride-to-be, and hung out with her most of the evening.

The bride-to-be, Emily, with her friend who made the ribbon hat.

Mother of the groom-to-be, my sister.

In keeping with the theme, the prize bags were vintage as well. 
My Mom did a great job of putting these together.

And it provided us a photo op with the soda bottles : )

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Annalia said...

Fun! Our RS is having an international theme for the broadcast tonight. I'm thinking about wearing my dirndl...but that's as far as I've thought.