Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Yeah, I'm just two months behind on my blog.
We did have a nice holiday, though. 

For those requesting a picture of my hair: this was a few days after I got the perm.  It's a body wave, so not super super curly (and I'd not done my hair that morning, other than to stick a headband in), but it does indeed give it a lot more body.

Breakfast & a kids bike "parade" (read: free-for-all biking in the parking lot) at church...

and an early dinner barbeque potluck with family at my parents' house.

HH and Moose went to bed pretty early, but the girls and I camped out at the edge of our yard and watched the neighbors light fireworks for quite a while.

I'm not big on fireworks, unless it's a professionally done show...but any holiday that accomodates theme dressing is OK in my book.  God bless America.

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Annalia said...

Hoorah for theme dressing...although I'm normally too busy to make that happen. I guess I should cut myself a little slack, since we were painting 2 rooms in our house on the 4th and moving in on the 5th. ...I'm sure next year will be more festive. :(