Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family Fun (from July)

The end of July was jam-packed full of fun with family!

First we went camping (at Cascade Park, of course) with some of HH's family.  It was a great time, until we locked our keys in the car and had to pay a tow truck to come break into the car for us.  Boo.  But we loved seeing some of the Arizona family, as well as the locals that we (shamefully) get together with too infrequently.

 Seven cousins went camping with us...all boys.

 Uncle K is finishing his studies to become an architect. 
Glad he could put all of that schooling to good use ; )

 My favorite part of hammock camping?  The view when I first wake up.

Then the next week we got to do several fun things with HH's sister Katie, who was visiting from Hong Kong (as well as with the locals again).  We went to a bouncy house, the beach, a family picnic, and a Kangaroo farm.

 The kids all got to feed the kangaroo, as well as several other animals

 This one had a joey...see it peeking out?

 We went with my ward's playgroup, so there were a TON of people in our group
(which I wouldn't advise--it took so long for us to get to get close enough to see the animals,
and then the tour director was yelling at us to hurry up because it was time to move on. 
In small groups I bet it would be more fun.  As it was, still a very cool outing)
but anyhow, here is a picture of our family members that went
(minus one boy cousin who wasn't cooperating).

 They had Lemurs, which were very entertaining.

 They also had a cool gnarly old tree with moss, so I took some pictures of the rascals.

 the days of taking normal pictures of this one might be over....

And they had this awesome swing that was attached sooooo high in the tree that you could really swing big...
though Monkey didn't want to go very high.

Luckily, the Kangaroo farm was just down the road from my friend Nikko's parent's house, and she was up visiting from Texas!  So we got to see her and her cute boys! 

Lots of little blondies!  Her older two were in playing video games.

Lastly, to finish up a super busy week, we went to a housewarming party at my sister's new place, where we also celebrated my Dad's birthday.

 Almost everyone.  This was just after we sang to my Dad. 
Isn't that an awesome table?  It's the biggest round table I've ever seen in a private residence. 
Of course, it looked better before someone spilled a drink and messed up the tablecloth....

 I had to be sneaky-sneak to get this picture of HH with an honest-to-goodness smile.
He sure is a stinker, but I do really love that man.

The next week, which was actually August (hope you will indulge my lax blogging), the girls had an overnight at Grandma & Grandpa's while I was doing layout.  The girls had a great time, and though I think Moose missed them, he certainly hid his grief well : )

No one to fight over toys with....


Annalia said...

That was a massive blog post! Looks like you guys have been up to LOTS of fun stuff. Cool you got to see Kriste!

My kids did the Kangaroo farm at cousin camp one year, but I've never been. They came home with picture of them kissing llamas. So, smaller group - definitely better if you want your turn to kiss the llama. :)

nikko said...

Yay! I'm so glad we got to see each other.

Cascade Park = tons of fun girls camp memories!

The Higham Family said...

I know I've said it before, but its becoming even more prominent. Moose and Tanner could totally be twins!!