Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrating the new Marriage!

The party for my sister and her new husband was this past weekend.  Here are a million pictures from it.

The theme was woodland/eco-chic.  The decor consisted of moss, rocks, and tree branches, mostly. 
Mini moss balls and branches in the chandelier

branches and candles in the fireplace (I know, you can't really see it in this picture)

branches (and little lovey birds) in the money tree

moss balls and ripped fabric "streamers" on the ceiling

moss and fern-wrapped votives

rocks and moss mounds with candles

burlap and moss on the food table

Everyone pitched in for the food, and it was delicious!  We had compostable dishes to eat on.  There were stuffed mushrooms, roll-ups, cream cheese and sprouts on bread, a chocolate fountain with various things to dip, birdnest cupcakes, devilled eggs, water with a decorative ice ring, and spinach dip with bread.  Mmmm, thanks to all who contributed!

We did two games: the newlywed game, featuring the bride and groom and we all bet on how they'd do (they did badly, but really, who doesn't?!).

This was taken during the pre-Newlywed game questionaire.
It looks like it's about to come to blows
but to the best of my knowledge it did NOT.
and "A to Z" with Melinda & Robert/wedding/love themed topics.  The winning token was on "Y Honeymoon location: Yemin."  Because we all want to go to Yemin on our honeymoons.

The game prizes were plants in burlap bags.

Everyone seemed to have a good time.


Everyone had feet.

It was even fun when Moose threw up on my nephew Jake  (who was a good sport about it).  (Moose also threw up on Grandma during the party set-up.  And on Daddy the next morning.  He's the one that got the ball rolling...we've had vomit ever since, but lets focus on the party, shall we?).

Special thanks to my friends: Heidi for the AtoZ game, Rachel for the chocolate fountain, and Denise for the branches!


Paige said...

I just was out in the woods behind our back fence, and guess what? GORGEOUS lush, thick moss that is easy to pick up in big chunks. Are you kidding? I could have saved time and money for better looking moss if I'd known.

Rachel DeFreese said...

I wish I could've been there! Looks fun!

S.Ann said...

Okay, since Rachel was able to leave a comment I'm going to try again for the 4th time.
Great pictures, Great food, Great people, Great party. Thanks for all your work Paige. And thanks to Melinda and Robert for finding each other.